Charming Boho Style Woodland Easter Basket

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Looking for a creative way to step up your Easter basket game this year? This sweet Boho Style Woodland Easter Basket with funky finds is sure to be a great surprise on Easter morning! For more ideas like this one see my Easter + Spring page.

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My kids are older but they still like getting kiddie stuff on the holidays. I usually just go to the store and throw something together but this time I wanted to upscale the basket a bit and make a bohemian style themed boho Easter basket for my teen daughter.

I love the pink peonies I used in my chocolate bunny centerpiece and that was my starting focal point when creating this basket. I wanted to create an Easter basket design that had a floral arrangement feel with boho themed goodies inside.

You could totally just make this basket for a woodland easter centerpiece or a floral easter basket focal point on an entryway console table to decorate your home for Easter. It is that pretty! I made it with Easter goodies and wreaths and flowers I found online. Here’s how I put it all together!

Boho Style Woodland Easter Basket


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best gold metallic spray paint for crafts

Paint the basket with gold spray paint. My fav is Rustoleum Metallic Gold.

heart shaped wreath

Remove the flowers from the heart-shaped wreath if applicable.

how to make a wreath basket

Attach a small eucalyptus wreath to the top of the heart with floral wire.

wreath basket

Tighten the wire so it is snug and holds firmly.

Woodland planter, hanging Eucalyptus arrangement,

OK STOP! This is how it will look when you are finished wiring it together. You could stop here and use this as a centerpiece or add a string to the top and hang as an arrangement at this point. I added a leather strap holder to the top, hung it up and filled it with some eggs, So cute for Easter decor.

Resume making the basket… add the second eucalyptus wreath to the bottom of the wire bowl. This is what you are using instead of the typical straw grass as a filler.

Woodland basket, eucalyptus basket,

Place the heart wreath on top of the bottom wreath in the bowl. Use wire to bind them all together if you will be using this as a centerpiece.

boho Easter basket, Peony Easter Basket, floral easter basket centerpiece

Add all of your goodies to the basket, place the headband on the top and you are finished!

Boho Easter Basket, Woodland Easter Basket, Floral Easter Basket

I hope you enjoyed my sweet woodland Easter basket idea! I really like the floral aspect of it instead of using the straw filler that makes a huge mess. Plus all of this can be reusable for home decor! That gold bowl is a perfect year-round tabletop decoration. Enjoy!

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Bohemian Easter Basket, boho style Woodland Easter Basket, Floral Easter Basket


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