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Floral Woodland Bunny Ears Headband

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Looking for a beautiful headband for Easter or a costume? This Spring Floral Woodland Bunny Ears Headband will look fabulous with your Easter attire, hunting eggs or playing a character! Try my simple tutorial! For more fun projects see my Easter + Spring page.

Floral Woodland Bunny Ears Headband,

In a previous post, I decided to make a fancier floral Easter basket for my teen daughter. Instead of the normal straw grass base and store-bought basket I used a gold decorative geometric bowl, filled with mini floral wreaths and picks to create a gorgeous woodland Easter Basket.

It came out so nice that I can use it as a decorative centerpiece for a Woodland Easter tablescape or as a display on an entry table in my home for years to come.

At the top of the arrangement, I placed these sweet floral bunny ears. I made them with a pre-made woodland headband and some mini peony buds. This quick and simple tutorial will help create the cutest addition to your Easter outfits or woodland creature costumes! Here’s how to make it!

Woodland boho easter basket, woodland easter basket centerpiece,

Floral Woodland Bunny Ears Headband


 bunny ears and flowers


Pull or cut 3 flower buds off of the floral stem picks.

cut flowers off of stems for headband

Remove the small stem piece in the base, leaving the layers of silk fabric flowers. You may need to glue the flower together with hot glue. Glue the flowers on the headband with hot glue and gun.

make a flower headband, floral bunny ears, how to make a bunny ear headband

Cut leaves and random stems from the bunch and glue between the flowers. Let if dry and wear!

dog with flower headband, yellow dog with flowers

I am so thrilled with how this woodland bunny ears headband turned out. I had to get my fav model to wear it for my pics! My Kali girl is so great at posing!

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DIY Floral Woodland Bunny Ears

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