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Gorgeous DIY Boxwood Wreath from a Garland

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How to make a boxwood wreath from a garland

Looking for an inexpensive way to get the look of Boxwood Wreaths without breaking the bank? Make your own DIY Boxwood wreath with a garland. For more holiday ideas see my Christmas page. 

It seems every magazine you open has a boxwood wreath in a furniture scene these days. To jump on the bandwagon and get the look for my own decor, I opted to try some faux boxwood garlands and wire wreath forms to try to make them into a wreath!

I am going to show you how to decorate for the holidays with a trendy boxwood wreath for a fraction of the cost in retail stores. To my surprise, the garland was long and thick enough to make a wreath out of it! It turned out great! Here’s how I made mine~

DIY Boxwood Wreath


how t make a boxwood wreath from a garland


zip tie a boxwood garland to make a wreath

Start by adding zip ties the end of the garland to the outer edge of the wire wreath.

zip tie boxwood garland wreath

Work going around the wreath going inward to the center. Zip tie the garland every 4-5 inches until you reach the center. The size of this garland fits evenly from start to end on their 18-inch size wire wreath base. Trim off the extra zip tie ends.


Fluff the wreath, add a bow and hang!

This wreath came out so great! This is a fantastic alternative to buying the pricey real ones. I love how it came out and they really do look like the real ones!  I think these would make great outdoor wreaths for the front door or a patio since they are plastic.

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how to make a boxwood wreath

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