How to make Fabric Tassel Necklaces

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Navy Peach Fabric Ribbon Tassel Necklace

A friend of mine I see almost every week at our local beer & wine hang out had on a really pretty ribbon tassel necklace. This inspired me to create my own version from some funky patterned fabric I’ve been holding on to.

Yes, I admit, I do hoard fun things for future projects. If I took a pic of my office/workroom right now you would be amazed at the amount of craft stash I have acquired since I started blogging.

These necklaces are so easy to make. The bulk of the fabric makes them a longer fluffy tassels. I just may prefer them to the beaded tassels I made.  My fav is the navy and coral one. Let me show you how to make them~

DIY Fabric Tassel Necklaces



T-shirt tassel tutorial

Cut fabric to make tassels

Using a rotary cutter cut 14-inch long x 1/4in thin strips of fabric.

NOTE: The navy/coral tassel shown was a blouse with a great pattern I was hanging onto. I also cut the trim from the edge of the blouse to use as an accent fabric for the bulk of the tassel. You want to use a fabric that will not fray too badly as well.

Hoop Tassel

Take the small earring hoop and pull the strips of fabric through the hoop. Fold the fabric in half and arrange so the face side of the fabric strips are showing.

DIY Fabric Tassels

Tie the top of the fabric strips together tightly at the top of the loop with embroidery thread. Wrap excess thread around fabric and hot glue the ends.

Easy Bead Capped Tassels

Take the eye pin and open it with beading pliers and add it to the hole in the top of the earring hoop. Close the eye tightly. Add three beads to the eye pin. Trim excess wire on the pin and turn end to make a loop. Add the jump ring to loop.

Navy Coral Tassel Necklaces

Add a long piece of suede leather cording to jump ring. Tye in a knot at desired length and trim ends. Trim the ends of the tassel to the desired length and that’s it!

 DIY Shabby Boho Fabric Tassel Necklaces

Navy Blue Tassel necklace

Navajo Print White Tassel Necklace

I’ve worn the navy and coral one everywhere and I have gotten so many compliments about it. They came out so shabby boho and unique. I may need to make more!


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6 thoughts on “How to make Fabric Tassel Necklaces

  1. Wondering what kind of fabrics fray the least. Thanks!

    1. Jersey knit would be #1, but not as pretty. Mine are a rayon polyester mix. They have a little fray but I’m ok with it. I hope this helps.

  2. Kim, those are so very pretty. I can see why you get compliments. Don’t you just love repurposing clothing!

    1. Yes Shirley I do because you usually can not find the fabric in the fabric stores until the trend ends or the next season. Thank You!

  3. I LOVE these! I picked this as my feature pick for this week’s party and I can’t wait to find some old tops to cut up 🙂

    1. I saw that! Thank you sweet friend!

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