How to Make a Layered Tassel Bag Charm

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Layered Tassel Bag Charm madeinaday.com

Hi, friends! Things have been so busy with me lately with the end of school and beginning of summer starting, I’ve hardly had time to write up all the projects I have been working on.

Today’s project was inspired by the cute summer tote bags I’ve been seeing everywhere with colorfully layered tassel charms hanging off the handles. My tassels are layered on top of one another on suede cording and you just loop them over the handle of your bag and tie in a simple knot.

 What a fun and trendy way to add a bohemian feel to update a simple handbag or summer tote. Just change out the tassels for the seasons. Let’s go make some tassels!

Layered Tassel Bag Charm



tassel on a string

Cut a 25-inch piece of suede cording. Tie a knot one inch above one end of the cording. The knot is going to be inside of the top of your tassel.

make a tassel with cardboard

Take a piece of cardboard around 7-8 inches long. As you can see from the image I use a cardboard box lid for mine. Seriously state of the art, lol. Wrap the crochet thread around the cardboard around 40 times.

crochet thread tassel

Pull the thread off of the cardboard and fold the loop in half.  Put the center of the loop up by the knot making sure the bottoms loops are even. Take a 6-inch piece of thread and tie tightly, using a double knot underneath the suede knot.

how to make a tassel

Add a drop of hot glue to secure the knot. Wrap the thread ends around the top of the tassel and hot glue ends to secure.  Add hot glue where the top of the tassel thread and suede cording meet and pinch together. Trim the tassel with sharp scissors.

make a layered tassel

For the next tassel, tie another knot above the tassel you just made and repeat the steps.

layer tassels on suede

easy layered tassel tutorial

At the top leave a 5-6 inch section in the center of the suede cording and repeat steps starting at the other end of the cord. Measure as you go since your bag may be smaller or larger than mine.

layered tassel bag charms on madeinaday.com

You’ll notice I used crochet thread for these tassels and they couldn’t have come out better. The thread is loose and swingy, (yes I  made that word up), compared to embroidery thread that I have used before and the tassels hang really well. This charm came out too cute and what a super fun way to summer up your bags without having to buy a new one.

My bag shown above is the London Fog Orchard Tote Bag. Love this bag and it’s reversible. The other side is dark brown. I love the short handles and attached long strap. It is so easy to wear both ways. Definitely my favorite bag this year.

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  1. VERY cute!
    Do you know what size crochet thread you used? I’m looking online and there are different sizes/thicknesses? Also, where did you get the blue color with bits of pink and yellow, its so different?

    Thank you!!

    1. Hi Ingrid,
      I really did not realize there was a size to the string I use. The ones in my stash are all the same size. If I had to guess I would say a 10. The blue one was some I bought on clearance a couple of years ago. It did not come with a wrapper, so I do not know what brand carries it. Sorry I could not be of more help. I am sure any size crochet string or even yarn would be fine for these tassels.

  2. What a cute idea! I love how easy you make it to layer the tassels. So smart! Thanks :)

  3. I have such a tassel crush right now, and now I realize the one place for sure that I need them is on my bag! The layering trick is brilliant–they look so great!

    1. Thank you Michelle, as you can tell I am obsessed too! Lol.

  4. Pat Schwab says:

    Kim, I really liked the layered tassels. Thanks, Pat S

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