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DIY Hair Tie Lollipop Gift + Printable Tags

Make your own hair tie lollipop with this simple tutorial! These pops make great gifts for party favor bags, Valentine’s Day, Easter baskets, and more! For more fun ideas see my Valentine page.

DIY Hair Tie Lollipop Gift

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Looking for a unique handmade gift for kids? This fun hair tie lollipop is super easy to make and adorable!

They are a great non-candy alternative for Valentine’s Day, or any other gift giving holiday. Great for Birthday favor bags, Easter baskets, stocking stuffers, you name it.

I also made a cute printable labels for Valentine’s Day to add to the pop!

Hair Tie Lollipop


  • 3 packages Scunci Medium and Small Multicolored No Damage Hair Bands
  • Foam Board or Cardboard
  • Pop Sticks or Cookie Sticks
  • Clear Wrapping Paper Ribbon
  • Heavy-duty Scissors
  • Hot Glue and Gun
make hair tie pops


cut circle base from foam

I took two small glasses and drew circles on the foam board. The large pops were 3 1/2 inches across, the small pops were 2 1/2 inches across.

cut foam with scissors

Cut the circles out with Heavy-duty scissors.

Tip: When cutting foam board with scissors, cut on the outside of your drawn circle, then go back and trim.

Hot glue the stick to the foam circle. Let the glue dry.

glue stick to the foam circle

How to Make Hair Tie Lollipop

First separate your bands into colors and sizes.

For the large pop:

Start at the top of the pop with 6 hair bands and crisscross them near the bottom of the pop. See pic below.

add first band to circle

This will close up the gap near the bottom straw area.

add criss cross bands to circle

I used 5 bands of each color and crisscrossed them across the pop.

Layer bands on circle

Next, you diagonally add more bands of colors evenly across your circle until all gaps are filled.

Use your fingernails to separate the bands and fill in the gaps. I used 10 colors at 5 bands apiece for the Red Valentine Pop.

For the Multi-colored Large Pop:

TIP: You may need to adjust the number of bands. Most of the Scunci packages do not come with the same amount of colors of bands. There may be more of one color than another.

Start again with 6 bands at the top and cross them at the bottom. I used 11 colors in all, 1 color for 6 bands for the top,  5 colors of 4 bands each and 5 colors of 5 bands each.

Add the smaller 4 band colors to the pop first when making one without an even number of bands. Then add the 5 band colors last.

For the Small Pop:

I used 12 colors at 4 bands each. Follow the same directions as above.

three hair tie pops

Cut a rectangle of the clear wrapping paper, fold it over the pop and neatly bunch it up around the straw and base.

Secure with a medium or small hair tie. Tie a pretty ribbon around the base.

wrap hair tie lollipop

I hoped you liked this hair band lollipop post! These are such a cute idea for a quick gift for someone special! Enjoy!

Don’t feel like making this but love the look? Shop these ideas!

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DIY Hair Tie Lollipop Gift
DIY Hair Tie Lollipop Gift Tuturoial


  1. Very nifty idea :)
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  4. This is a super idea for little girls! What a great idea for a non candy Valentine. Thanks for sharing @DearCreatives party! I love the new look too ;)

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    Thanks again for sharing!

    Marissa D

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