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Heartwarming DIY Harvest Wheat Bundle

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Make this gorgeous DIY Harvest Wheat Bundle for your table this fall or Thanksgiving! For more Fall ideas see my Fall + Thanksgiving page.

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Need a way to decorate your Thanksgiving table this season? These wheat bundles are an easy way to add a harvest feel to your decor for the holidays. This bundle is super simple to put together and you can use it for years to come.

You can make them large or small depending on the size of the foam cone and the length of your wheat stems. Let’s make a bundle!

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DIY Harvest Wheat Bundle


bundle of wheat, wheat foam


foam for wheat bundle

Separate wheat stems into sizes. If your cone is too long for your stems, cut a few inches off the top using a serrated knife.

make a wheat bundle

Glue a single layer of wheat stems around the foam cone, lining them up next to each other side by side. Make sure your wheat puff ends are even and similar in size.

bundles of what for decoration, how to make a wheat bundle for table

Add a second layer to help fill in gaps and holes with smaller wheat stems until they are smooth and even going around the foam.

wheat decor for Thanksgiving

Trim the bottom of the wheat against the foam with sharp scissors. Bind the wheat with twine for extra security and cover it with a piece of burlap fabric.

Last, tie a satin ribbon around the burlap to match your decor. Add the bundle to your tablescape and enjoy the holiday season!

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DIY wheat bundle centerpiece

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. This would make a great Thanksgiving table centerpiece! Pinning & sharing on FB :)

  2. Did you get the wheat bundles from the craft store? These would be really pretty as a fall table centerpiece.

    1. I got them Publix grocery store. Most grocery stores have them. I’m sure craft stores have them too.

      1. Will these last year after year ?

        1. Hi Nicole,
          Yes, the wheat is dried so it stays together pretty well.

      2. You said 2 bundles….how many are in one bundle!
        I love it! I’m so ready for fall!
        Thank you so much for showing how to make it.

        1. Hi Victoria, 1 purchased my wheat at my local grocery store. It has a lot of stalks, but a lot of them are not the same length. So I bought 2 so I would have enough to work with.

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