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Gilded Pineapple Ornaments

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Looking for a simple ornament or gift tag this season? Try making these Gilded Pineapple Ornaments with gilding foil! For more holiday ideas see my Christmas page.

Gilded Pineapple Wood Ornaments

Hooray, the Holiday Season has begun! Today I whipped up some glamorous silver and gold gilded pineapple ornaments! Pineapples are still a popular trend this year. I decided to combine my love of pineapples with my love of gilding.

Gilding gives you that sparkle you just can not achieve with paint. It is super easy to apply and makes everything look like a million bucks! I swear I want to put it on everything these days. Let’s get started!

Gilded Pineapple Ornaments


Gilded Pineapple ornaments


how to make a pineapple ornament

Place around 4-inch strips of painters tape on a rotary cutting mat. Cut the tape into 1 cm strips with X-Acto knife.

gold gilded pineapple holiday ornament

Apply the tape strips on the wood pineapple in a crisscross pattern. Press the tape firmly to the wood to seal the tape to the pineapple.

how to use foil gilding

Paint a thin layer of gilding adhesive over the taped wood area on the lower part of the pineapple. Let the adhesive dry until just tacky. Lay the gilding sheet, gold/shiny side down over the adhesive. Wearing gilding gloves gently rub the gilding sheet to smooth out wrinkles or bubbles.

silver gilded pineapple ornament

Allow the gilding to dry for 1-2 hours. Use a natural bristle brush to remove excess gilding. Gently remove the tape strips from the bottom of the pineapple.

easy gilded pineapple wood ornament

Repeat gilding steps for the top of the pineapple. Use sandpaper to remove metallic gilding from wood edges. Spray ornament with gloss enamel or sealant. Let it dry. Hot glue an 8-inch piece of jute twine to the back of the pineapple to hang on the tree.

These would make great gift toppers for wine bottles and presents. They would make unique ornaments for coastal holiday decor too.

DIY Gold Pineapple Holiday Ornament

Happy Holidays!


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