DIY Leather Wrapped Bangle Bracelet

Looking for a fun way to dress up your wardrobe or decor? This DIY Leather Wrapped Bangle Bracelet can be used both ways! For more fashion posts see my DIY Jewelry page.

DIY Leather Wrapped Bangle Bracelet, suede bangle bracelet, leather wrapped ring home decor

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I started out making this funky leather bangle bracelet for my summer wardrobe. I love the natural and black suede colors combined together.

Once I had it all together and wrapped with leather. I tried it on and I could hardly get in on my wrist. The leather adds bulk, so it became a great addition to my home decor instead! Read on for more.

Since the bangle came out smaller than I thought. I realized it would fit perfectly on a doorknob and that’s when my tassel project came to life. The bangle added the perfect detail to my DIY home decor project!

In my search, I found that most craft store bangles are around 2.4-2.6 inner diameter inches. That is not a great size for an average adult wrist. That size is great for young adults or kids. However, I found a solution.

NOTE: If you are going to make this project for a fashion statement I suggest you choose the larger natural wood bangle bracelets I linked below in the supply list if you have a large hand/wrist. My hand is 7.5 inches around (when cupped or closed like I am putting on a bangle), my wrist 6 inches around, and the smaller bracelet would not go over my hand with the leather wrapped on it.

This project would make a great kid or teen project too!

Let’s get started!

Leather Wrapped Bangle Bracelet


To make this bracelet last longer and not unravel as easy. I recommend using E6000 adhesive. Leather glue sticks have great reviews too, but I am not sure how long they will hold up. I am using my bangle for home decor so it will not get pulled on and off my wrist so I went with leather glue sticks.

how to make suede bangle bracelets


Cut a piece of natural suede cording to around 65 inches and the black cording to 54 inches. (If you are using the larger bangles you will need to increase the inches in the cording).

Glue the end of the black suede cording horizontally to the top of the bangle.

how to wrap leather around a wood bangle

Glue the end of the natural suede cording vertically on the inner edge of the bangle.

how to make a braided bracelet

Wrap the natural suede cording around the bangle and over and under the black cording. Repeat the pattern going all the way around the bangle.

braided leather bracelet

If you run out of cording you can just glue a piece where you left off and continue wrapping.

DIY braided bracelets

To finish the bangle, trim the cording to fit perfectly next to the first loop. glue the black cording down and the tan cording last. Let it dry completely and use it with your favorite outfit or as a funky decor piece!

suede wrapped bangle bracelet, DIY leather bracelet,
Leather door tassel
large door tassel with bells

Either way you want to use it, this bangle makes a great detailed piece for your summer outfits or boho style decor. Enjoy!

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  1. How pretty. I love the contrast between the lighter and darker colors. It’s really striking

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