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DIY Door Hanger Tassel Chime

Looking for a fun way to add global pop to your decor? This DIY Door Hanger Tassel Chime will add the perfect boho flair to your home. For more fun home decor projects see my DIY Home page.

DIY Door Hanger Tassel Chime

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Sometimes it’s the small details in your decor that can pull a style together. This project started when I made the leather-wrapped bangle on the top of the tassel.

The bangles I had were the standard ones you can get in craft supply stores. After adding the suede cording around the bangle I realized it made the ring even smaller. Almost child size instead of fitting an adult wrist.

That’s when I saw the bangle as a fun hoop hanger for this project! It’s the perfect size to go around a doorknob or vase!

If you followed my blog, by now, you know I will pretty much put a tassel on anything. Everything looks better with some flair!

Let me show how I created this fun chime door hanger tassel to use on doors, as decor or wall art!

DIY Door Hanger Tassel Chime



Create the leather wrapped bangle ( tutorial coming up next). Or use a plain natural bangle bracelet.

Make three tassels. One is 7 inches long and tow are 5 inches long. Cut a piece of cardboard down to 7 x 5 inches. The short side is for the 5 inch tassels and the long side is for the 7 inch tassel.

how to make a tassel with cardboard

Wrap the crochet thread around the cardboard around 40-50 times.

Add a 7-inch piece of crochet thread under one end of the cardboard and tie it loosely. Slip the thread off of the cardboard. Tighten the knot and add a dot of glue to the knot and then tie the string again while the glue is wet to get it to stay tightly.

Lay the tassel down and smooth out the string. Add a 7 inch.

how to make large tassels

Place a piece of thread underneath the cording below the first knot and tie it tight. Add a dot of glue to the knot and quickly tied into another knot while the glue is wet.

Wrap the ends of the knot around the tassel and secure the ends with hot glue.

Trim the bottom of the tassel with sharp scissors. I use a hair comb to smooth the tassels ends. Repeat for the two other tassels and set aside.

For the large black and white tassel: Place the ends of the natural crochet thread and the black crochet thread together and wrap them together over the cardboard 50 times. Follow the rest of the directions for the other two tassels.

leather tassel door hanger

Cut two 24 inch pieces of suede cording. Place them together and loop one end through the bangle and then pull the ends through the loop. Straighten the cording so it lies flat against the bangle.

DIY Large door tassel

Starting with the big tassel slip the end of one of the suede cording through the top knot of the tassel. Pull the cording through and tie it in a knot tightly. Trim the ends down to one inch. Repeat with the other two tassels.

Boho style door tassel  camel swag, black white camel swag

Tie two bells on one piece of cording tightly and trim the cording end down to one inch. Tie the last bell on the 4th piece of cording pulling tightly and trim the end down to 1 inch.

Fluff the tassels and hang!

door tassel swag, black white large tassel, door hanger,
black white camel swag door hanger, tassel decor, door bell tassels
large black white tassel decor, door tassel chimes
door handle chimes, door bell tassel, meditation bell door tassel

I am so thrilled with how this project turned out! I think I may need one of every door! If the bells are too much then just add the tassel to a vase or console chest instead! Enjoy!

Love it? Pint it!

Boho style Black and white Door tassel chime
 Black and white Door tassel bells, camel swag


  1. Aspen Odom says:

    I love that wooden cabinet in the picture! Can you please share where you got it?

    1. Hi Aspen, I got it at Marshall, but here is a cool trick. If you get the Google app on your phone. You can do an image search by clicking the square image next to the microphone on the top search bar. Hold it over my image and Google will show you all the ones online for sale that look like mine. Have fun!

  2. Love the style of these Kim and I may have to try in my blue shades!

  3. Would love to try this; I’m sure I have bangles kicking around. Looking forward to the leather wrapped bangle tutorial!

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