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DIY Navajo Patterned Wall Art

Sponsored Post DisclosureDIY Navajo Wood Wall Art from foam on madeinaday.com

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I’m back again this month with the first FloraCraft® Make It Fun® Foam project of the year! This month FloraCraft® Make it Fun® Team challenged us to create wall art using foam sheets that you can’t make with a canvas. What a fun idea! I have had my eye on some beautiful Navajo Patterned Wood Art pieces, so what a great way to recreate one using foam instead of wood!

DIY Navajo Patterned Wall Art


  • 2 FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam sheets 1/2 in thick x 12 in x 36 in
  • 2 FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam Sheets 1 in thick x 12 in x 36 in
  • 2-3 containers of FloraCraft® Smooth Finish
  • a Floracraft® StryoCutter®
  • Acrylic paint: Black, White, Brown, Tan and gold
  • Hot glue & gun
  • Ruler and black pen
  • Small pieces of twine
  • Toothpicks


Foam wall artFor this project I used the two 1 inch thick foam sheets as my picture background  and base.

Use smooth finish on foamCover them both on the top side with the FloraCraft® SmoothFinish® paintable coating. This will fill the holes in the foam for a smoother finish when painted. Let the SmoothFinish® dry overnight. Paint these two pieces of foam white.

mark foam for cuttingNow for the design for top layer of the foam. Choose a Navajo pattern, you can find tons of them by searching them online.

place foam pattern togetherMeasure out the pattern evenly by inches and mark it out on your 1/2 inch thick foam sheets with a pen and ruler.

Cut foam with styrocutterCut your top layer foam pieces apart. Put the pieces back together on top of the bottom pieces and into the design. Edit the pattern or foams to fit perfectly.

Piece together your patternTo get a layered raised pattern look I removed some of the lines  of foam for a three dimensional look.

Mark the color you are going to paint each piece on the foam sections and set aside. Paint the top and sides of each section the desired color you chose. I painted mine black, brown and tan. I painted gold over the top of tan pieces to add shine. Let all the pieces dry overnight.

Place base together with toothpicksNow let’s put everything together~Place the two bottom 1 inch thick pieces side by side. In four places insert toothpicks into the foam for stability and press the edges together. Add hot glue on a low setting to the seam.

Brace back of pic with extra foamTurn the base over and glue a few leftover foam strips to the back for stability.

paint foam pieces and place back on pic baseFlip it back over and lay the rest of the foam pieces together on top of the base like a puzzle. Glue all of the design pieces to the top of bottom foam layer.

TIP: Using hot glue on foam will melt the foam on high settings. You could also use an adhesive that is made especially for foam.

add a small piece of twine as a wall hangerGlue the twine to the back of your base and hang up your wall art! And that’s it! I love it!

Faux Navajo Patttern Inspired Wood Wall art madeinaday.comThis pic looks really great over my fireplace in front of my Deer Pallet. I get tired of looking at that deer all year and I love that this fits perfectly over him until Fall!


This is a sponsored post written by me for FloraCraft®. The text and opinions are all mine.

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  1. love your style! Love this project too! I would totally hang that up in my house!

  2. Thats so CUTE! I never would have guessed it was foam from the picture. Good job!

  3. Great idea. I’ve always wanted to try using that smooth finish on foam. Looks like a lot of fun and I like that it isn’t so heavy.

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