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DIY Paint By Numbers Art: Surf at Sunset

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Have you always loved art but left the painting part to the pros? Well, now you can create your own masterpiece with DIY Paint by Numbers kits! For more wall art ideas see my Wall Art DIY page.

DIY Paint By Numbers Art: Surf at Sunset, wave paint by number, ocean paint by number

Thinking of starting a new hobby? Have a bunch of time on your hands? Paint by number wall art kits are a perfect way to relax and learn a new skill. Open up your creativity with these fun kits!

Vintage paint by numbers paintings are trending right now for home decor. I am seeing bloggers buying up older paintings on places like Esty and Ebay and displaying them in gallery walls.

I searched around and I really didn’t find any vintage paintings I liked. So I decided to buy a new kit and start my own paint by numbers painting. I found Winnie’s Picks online paint by number store and within a few days, I was starting my painting!

I chose the bright and colorful “Under the Wave Sunset” painting. It is the perfect choice for my coastal home decor. It’s beautiful blues and greens with a golden sunset looks just like the California coastline where I live.

I am not afraid to paint my own paintings, in fact, I painted intricate murals in both of my kid’s rooms when they were little. But something about having everything mapped out and the colors already chosen allows you to relax and just paint.

Is this considered cheating? Well maybe. If you haven’t painted anything before, knowing what goes where takes the guesswork out of the equation. Plus it’s fun for adults and kids!

DIY Paint By Numbers Art

paint by number kit, how to paint by number

Included with each kit:

  • Numbered canvas with the painting printed on it.
  • An acrylic paint set made just for your painting with plenty of paint!
  • 4 quality paint brushes
  • Picture hanging hooks and screws
  • A picture of the finished painting and a printout of the numbered canvas
  • Wooden canvas stretchers (optional)
hold a canvas while painting

I clipped my canvas to a piece of foam board with large binder clips so it wouldn’t move around.

paint by number, DIY art at home, learn to paint,

I place the foam board and canvas on a metal portable adjustable easel and relax on my couch and paint!

Tips for Paint by Number Art:

  • Start with the dark colors preferably with the largest areas.
  • If the paint is too thick, dip the tip of the brush in water, shake it out and then load it with paint.
  • After adding the paint colors to the canvas. When you are almost finished go back over all the colors and make them heavier and fill in small holes. I like my paint thick and a little chunky so you can see the strokes when it is finished.
  • Spray the finished painting with an acrylic paint sealer.

There is whole section on Winnie’s Picks website with tips to create your first painting.

beginning of paint by number

I started slow doing one color per day.

midway paint by number canvas
finished paint by number

I just love how this painting turned out! It’s the perfect addition to our beach decor. Stay tuned I am going to be doing two more custom paint by numbers of my dogs next! I am so excited to paintings of both of them!

sunset under the wave paint by number, rip curl paint by number, wave paint by number, orange sunset

Love it? Pint it!

under the wave DIY beachy wall art


  1. Very nice! I always loved paint by numbers as a kid and even an adult. They make you feel like an artist.

  2. This came out amazing, and your living room is so pretty!

  3. I have been eyeing paint by number paintings and this is amazing quality.
    Thank you for sharing!
    I look forward to ordering one soon.

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