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Gold Gilded Marble Canvas: Glam up Your Wall Art

Add glam with this gilded marble canvas! Painting gold leaf on canvas tutorial. See the easy way to upgrade a painting by applying gold leaf to canvas. You can find more wall art ideas on my signs + wall art page.

Marble Canvas Wall Art Gilded Gold Canvas

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Last year I mounted a tapestry on foam for my family room. I was thinking it would look great in my guest bedroom which, like the rest of the house, also has a boho theme. I wasn’t sure what I could replace it with since it was such a large piece and I didn’t want to leave the family room looking bare.

Then along came Photowall and my problem was solved! Today I am teaming up with Photowall.com to show you how to put together one of their fabulous printed canvases. It’s genius how these canvases are put together.

I had so much fun looking at the vast selection of patterns and prints to choose from. Let me just tell you, I wanted to go for the fun wallpaper and murals they make, but I may be moving and won’t be able to take it with me.

I opted for a large abstract art canvas instead. I chose the “Marbling” canvas in yellow, green and white. Then I decided to crank it up a notch and add some gorgeous gold gilding to give the image a golden punch of color. So now it’s a gilded marble canvas!

photowall frame kit, canvas frame kit

First, let’s talk about Photowall’s canvas wall art. The canvases come rolled up and shipped in a box with a “do-it-yourself” frame kit.

mount a canvas, diy canvas

You then place the canvas printed side down and lay the wood frames down on the edges of the canvas.

canvas adhesive mounting, diy canvas mounting

Line up the boards, pull off the adhesive strips and press them down on the edges of the canvas.

mount a canvas with adhesive

Fold the corners in and roll the frame boards inward to tighten the canvas.

how to frame a canvas

Add the brackets and screws to each corner, tighten the screws, then your canvas is ready to hang up!

large DIY Canvas Frame Photowall

Easy peasy. Now for the gilded pop gold. Here’s how I glammed up the canvas…

How to make a Gilded Marble Canvas


  • Gold Gilding Sheets
  • Gilding Adhesive
  • Dry Stiff Paintbrush
  • Regular Soft Paintbrush
  • Gilding Gloves (as needed)
  • Clear Acrylic Sealant


yellow green grey marble canvas wall art

Lay the mounted canvas on a large table for enough space to be gilded. Make sure the sides of the canvas are supported.

paint gold leaf on a canvas

Lightly paint a thin layer of gilding adhesive on the canvas.

NOTE: Do not press hard or add too much of adhesive to the canvas. You do not want to stretch the canvas or make it sag if it gets too wet. You can place a book or something similar to support the canvas from underneath if you like.

guild on a canvas, gold leaf on canvas

Let the gilding adhesive dry for a few minutes until it is tacky. Lay the gilding sheet, gold side down over the adhesive and gently press down.

how to use gold gilding on canvas wall art

Let it all dry and gently peel back the gilding sheet and repeat.

gilding on canvas, how to gold leaf a canvas

Use a dry stiff paintbrush and scrub off any loose gilding. Touch up any spots as needed. Lightly paint on a very thin layer of sealant to keep the gold from tarnishing. Let it dry and hang your new canvas!

Abstract Marble Wall Art Gold Leaf Canvas

I really love the look of yellow and grey in this gilded marble canvas. It really lightened up the fireplace area of my home.

Years ago we decided to paint our tall walls with a grey/brown color (Kingsport Grey/BM) and I so wish now we had left them lighter.

how to guild on canvas, boho wall art, marbling on canvas, tropical wall art

This large canvas is 47 x 59 inches and uses up a lot of the dark space over my fireplace. Choosing these light colors really brightened and opened up this room!

I love it and I hope you were inspired to make a fresh change in your home this year.

gold gilding marble canvas, large abstract wall art, marble art work, gold leaf marble canvas art

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  1. I’m so excited to try this! Any tips on painting the swirls??

    1. Hi Lisa, It’s been a few years since I made this post. I used the paper type of gilding because I wanted it to have the gold flake look. To do the swirls you could try the liquid gold gilding and paint it on freehand. You must use the liquid version in a well-ventilated area and wear a mask. It has really strong vapors. Maybe use both the paper and the liquid gilding to achieve the look you are wanting.

      1. Thank you for replying so fast! I watched your video and would use the paper for the gold too. I’m new to your website and was wondering if you did a vid of painting the other colors. Maybe I’m overthinking this. =)

        1. I did not paint the swirls it is a premade printed canvas. The canvas was from photowall .com. I just added the gold to it. Super easy! Welcome to my site!

          1. YES!! I “CAN do this!! Okay, thank you. I’m so sorry I didn’t pay attention enough to the video, you probably said that. I just love this so much! I’m so excited to try all these new things. Thank you so so so much!

  2. This is really beautiful, so perfect for bringing sunshine into a room. The gilding is just the right extra.

  3. Kim this is really classy! I would be proud to hang it in my home or office. I love it!
    Pinned and pinned again ♥

  4. This is such a great idea. I love how the gold sparkles against the yellow and grey.

  5. I am so in love with this! I have been wanting to try gilding for so long. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thank you, Michelle! I have gilded so many things. It is so addicting. You should try it.

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