DIY Potpourri from a Floral Bouquet

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Learn to make gorgeous DIY Potpourri from a Floral Bouquet! Cut the tops off of flowers, oven dry them and add your favorite essential oil combo to make a beautiful potpourri mix! For more ideas like this see my Plants page.

DIY Essential Oil Citrus Potpourri Recipe with oven dried flowers, DIY Potpourri from a Floral Bouquet

I just became an Essential Oils nut and you can read more about how to get started the non-MLM way in my Beginning Essential Oils post. Don’t worry I’m not a rep, just a new addict, lol. One of the first things I thought I would make is my own Potpourri!

DIY Potpourri from a Floral Bouquet

My husband gave me a beautiful bouquet for my anniversary. The flowers looked like the kind you find in the fancy potpourri mixes you find in stores. So I thought what a great spring mix they would make. So I dried out the flowers in my oven and for a great citrus scent, I added dried oranges and lemons too! Check the links for the oven drying how-tos.

How to dry flowers for potpourri

Potpourri is super easy to make. You need dried items such as flowers petals, dried blooms, dried citrus slices, fruit slices, cinnamon sticks, pine cones, dried pods, moss, barks leaves, cloves, whole nutmeg and any other dried herb or spice items. You can add shells, wood, and nuts to the mix as well.

Essential Oil Citrus Potpourri Recipe

Toss and blend the mix. Store in airtight container up to a week to infuse scent throughout blend. Add to a bowl to fragrance your home or bag it up to give as a gift. Refresh by adding more oils as the scent fades.

I hope I have inspired you to make your own potpourri!

Using Essential oils as a fragrance is so much healthier for your home than chemical air freshers out there.

Make your own potpourri

What are your favorite potpourri recipes?

I would love to know just comment below.

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