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Oven Dried Orange Lemon Slices

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Don’t buy dried citrus slices for decorating or crafts! Try making your own fresh oven dried orange lemon slices at home! These homemade beauties are great for fall decorating, potpourri and more. For more inspiring posts like this on see my Plants page.

Oven Dried Orange Lemon Slices

I just started getting into Essential Oils and one of the first things I made was my own Potpourri! I love the smell of citrus, I think it makes the house smell so clean. 

I wanted to add dried fruit to the mix and since I do not have a fruit dehydrator, I decided to dry my oranges and lemons the same way I dried out my flowers. This is such an easy way to dry out fruit.

let’s get started.

Oven Dried Orange Lemon Slices



Slice your oranges and lemons around 1/4 inch thick with a sharp knife. Spread out your slices over the bakers drying racks and place in oven.

Set a regular oven to 200, or lowest setting available per your oven. I used my Convection Oven setting at 175, (it was the lowest setting my oven registers).

Place your slices in the oven for 1.5 to 2.5 hours. The center of the oranges will congeal and dry out.

How to dehydrate oranges in the oven

Add them to a potpourri mix and then add drops of your favorite Essential oils. If you are going to use them in cocktails or food recipes, sprinkle them with powdered sugar before adding to the oven to sweeten them.

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oven dried orange slices


  1. Going to try this for my cocktails. Thank you

  2. Good to know, I imagine this would work for those sad oranges that are past their best for eating too.
    I was surprised when I saw your lowest oven temp as 200 – here in the Uk we work in centigrade so 200 is hot hot hot for bread etc! I’m guessing you mean fahrenheit !

  3. That sounds so easy to do & I bet they smell amazing. I’m going to check out your DIY Potpourri from a Bouquet. What a great idea. See you next week at Merry Mondays!

  4. I love dried oranges, and I’ll bet these smell fantastic! Thanks for sharing. :)

    1. They are really cool, they turned into a gel consistency. Thanks so much!

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