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Be Prepared: Doctor Office Visit Medical Records Planner

Are you a caregiver taking care of an elderly spouse or family member or just want to get your own health issues organized? I want you to be prepared with my brand new minimal Doctor Office Visit Medical Records Bundle. Want more fun free printables? See my Printables page.

Be Prepared: Doctor Office Visit Medical Records Bundle

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A few years ago my stepfather became ill and bedridden, my mother became his sole caregiver up until the end of his life. Taking care of someone’s prescriptions, insurance, and just daily care can be extremely demanding on a caregiver.

I created these printables because I realized more people like my mother needed a way to keep the mounting medical records and appointments organized when caring for an elderly person or someone with a complicated illness.

In this bundle, there is everything you need to bring to a doctor’s appointment. You can fill out all of the paperwork at home. That way, when you arrive, you will have all the information gathered in one place to show the doctor.

You will be armed with the correct symptoms and health history to receive a clear and exact diagnosis.

How many times have you gone to the doctor and forgotten to ask an important question or you can’t remember all the medications you take when the nurse asks? No more wasted time trying to remember your dosages, past appointments, and questions. Just download, print, fill them out and you are on your way!

There is a yearly calendar to record past and future appointments. Plus an added special Family Tree Medical History Printable that includes a list of ailments your extended family may have had that could be important for your diagnosis.

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  1. Lee Westmoreland says:

    I have used your yearly appointment calendar for 4 years now. I am searching to print another for 2023 but am unable to find it. It comes in so handy. Between myself, my mother-in-law, and 2 special needs ladies who live with me, we average 90 to 150 appointments per year! Your calendar keeps me straight! I don’t think I can function properly without it!

  2. I love the family history pages. I have changed doctors a total of 3 times in my life and need that information so infrequently that I forget it. This is a great resource to whip out on those occasions.

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