How to Host the Perfect Garage Sale Printable Set

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Are you having a garage sale soon? I put together some informative printables, these How to Host the Perfect Garage Sale Printable Set to ensure you have the most successful garage sale imaginable. For more Printables see my free printable page.

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My tips & tricks for the perfect garage sale~

Spring and fall are the times of the year our neighborhood has a community sale. I have so many items I use for props for my posts here on Made in a Day, that a garage sale is a great time to let some of them go and downsize the house a little.

Last year we had a yard sale and it was a huge success, the one thing I sold the most of was clothing. $320 worth to be exact! I cleaned out everyone’s closet and I literally had 12 garbage bags of full of items. Usually, I just leave them at the thrift store drop-off truck near my home, because they are just so hard to sell. This time I decided to try something different and wow did it pay off!

I took a large sheet and laid it out on my driveway. I piled all the clothes up in stacks of pants, shirts, shorts, etc. Then I stacked the piles by size and gender. That way when people came up they could just search the pile and size they needed.

I strung a rope across my garage door and hung up things like dresses, coats and men’s dress shirts. I charged one dollar for each piece of clothing and boy did it work like a charm. I sold almost every piece of clothing with no haggling!

This year I have way more than 12 bags so hopefully, things will go as well as last time. Don’t get me wrong certain things can be priced higher especially if they are new items.

Host the Perfect Garage Sale Printable Set

In this garage sale printable set, I provided a price sheet to help you price those tricky miscellaneous household items like video game systems, stereos, and furniture.

There is also a yard sale price tag printable so you don’t have to write out a million stickers and also a tips and tricks sheet so you don’t miss any of my very important tips for hosting the perfect garage sale!

Do you have a great yard sale tip to share? I’d love to hear it!

Good Luck and have a great sale!!

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Garage Sale Printable Set

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  1. These are great tips! I’m having my first garage sale in a couple weeks during our village wide garage sale and I will be using these printables. I need to declutter.

  2. This is just in time! My neighborhood is having our community garage sale on 10/10. I posted a link to your post on our community FB page. Thanks for the great info!

    1. My neighborhood is having theirs too on the 10th! It looks like a bomb went off around here i’m ready to get rid of all this stuff! Glad you like the printables and I hope they help!

  3. I wish I had this a few weeks ago when I helped a friend set up her sale! Great tips and I love the printables. Thanks!

  4. Heather Hennessee says:

    This is so helpful! Thank you so much.

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