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Fall Cleaning Checklist 30 Day Challenge

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Are you ready for a fall cleaning checklist 30 day challenge that will leave your home holiday ready inside and out? Get your free set of the “Autumn 30 Day Cleaning Challenge” printables and get started! For more challenges see my Cleaning and Organizing page.

Fall Cleaning Checklist 30 Day Challenge

As the leaves change colors and the temperature starts to drop, it’s time to embrace the season of fall by getting your home in order. Fall cleaning is just as important as spring cleaning, as it helps prepare your house for the upcoming winter months. To make sure you don’t miss anything, here’s a fall cleaning checklist challenge that will leave your home feeling fresh and cozy.

Focus on deep-cleaning tasks that often get overlooked during regular cleaning routines. Like dusting ceiling fans and light fixtures, wipe down baseboards, clean air vents and filters.

There are prompts to organize closets and purge items you no longer need or use. Be cause as the temperatures drop, you will want to be sure to check insulation around doors and windows for drafts. And lastly, you will want to check complex things like making sure your fireplace is clean and free of debris.

On the outside of your house, start by tackling any maintenance tasks that may have been neglected over the summer. Clean out gutters and downspouts, remove debris from walkways and driveways, and give your windows a good wash.

As the season progresses you will need to rake up fallen leaves, trim back any overgrown plants, and drain hoses and outdoor faucets to prevent freezing.

With this fall cleaning checklist in hand, you’ll be ready to spruce up every corner of your home in preparation for cooler weather ahead! Get a set below!

Don’t worry if you miss a day in this monthly cleaning schedule- just pick up where you left off and keep going! This casual approach to cleaning allows for flexibility while still keeping you motivated throughout the summer months.

I’ve added a couple of extra pages, like a blank daily cleaning checklist pdf and to-do list for you to add in your own decluttering and cleaning ideas! Grab a set below!



Fall Cleaning Checklist 30 Day Challenge

Click the link below to download the files to print. Print the on white paper or cardstock. Use the printer setting US Letter.

My printables are for Personal Use Only. Please see my Printable Disclosure for more information.

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Fall Cleaning Checklist 30 Day Cleaning Challenge

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