Gingerbread House Decorations for the Home

Get in on the latest trend for holiday decor- Gingerbread house decorations! There is sure to be a fun DIY or printable that will will be a perfect match to your home style. For more fun posts like this one see my Christmas page.

Gingerbread House Decorations for the Home

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this year I am seeing gingerbread houses popping up everywhere across the decor blogs online! I have to admit every time I try to make a real gingerbread house it is usually a huge flop and mess.

But, making faux gingerbread decor to use in your holiday decor is so much easier. With these fun ideas you can add some gingerbread fun to your Christmas decorations today!

I’ve included a bunch of printable gingerbread houses for you to download, cut and display! The rest of the projects can be made very easily with just a few craft supplies.

Let’s get started!


Gingerbread House Decorations for the Home

Decorating with gingerbread houses is a fun and creative way to add some holiday spirit to your home decor.

You can make ornaments, garlands and decorate wreaths with these festive houses. You can bake gingerbread and make ornaments or a fun wreath like shown below!

You can makeover some cute decorative houses or even milk cartons to make a gingerbread village!


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Gingerbread House Holiday Decor ideas

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