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Creepy Bat Golden Halloween Wreath

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A couple of weeks ago I made two  Golden Harvest Wreaths. Well, I swapped out the ribbon, from red to black chevron and purple burlap then added some spooky purple picks for an easy eerie Halloween upgrade!

Golden Halloween Bat Chevron Wreath

I love the glittery purple that pops against the yellow wispy sticks, these colors go great together as a Halloween alternative to the traditional black and orange. Follow the link to see how I made the Golden Harvest Wreath and Chevron Ribbon, then come back here and see where I placed the picks! Happy Decorating! #DIY4Halloween

Golden Halloween Wreath



Cut the Halloween pick apart with floral pliers. Place randomly around the wreath with plant wire and hot glue it into place.

To see how I made the ribbon to hang the wreath, see my tutorial on the Golden Wispy Wreath post and that’s it!  A super easy update from an Autumn Harvest wreath to Halloween!

Chevron Bat Wreaths

Hot glue bats to outer wispy wreath edges.

Golden Harvest Bat Wreath


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