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Welcome Foolish Mortals Haunted Mansion Wreath

Want to make the coolest wreath on the block this year? Grab some supplies and create this fun Haunted Mansion wreath that’s straight out of Disney’s playbook! For more creepy wreaths see my Halloween page.

Welcome Foolish Mortals Haunted Mansion Wreath

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I am so excited to share this fun new Halloween wreath I came up with to decorate this season! We are going to Disneyland this week and I can’t wait to see the Haunted Mansion all decorated up for Halloween!

Being from Florida, I have seen my fair share of parks on Halloween but this will be the first for me at Disneyland California. To honor the occasion I made this super fun Haunted Mansion wreath for my own scary abode this season!

I created it out of a spring wreath I found on clearance while shopping at Micheals! I just love when a project is halfway made already. See my Christmas Harmony Bell wreath I created out of a Target Threshold wreath that needed some love.

When I saw those green spotted leaves, it just had Halloween vibes all over it! I added some black creepy stems and it came out perfect! I love when inspiration hits me at the right time and place.

I ordered a fun sign to go in the center of it. You always make your own sign too! Here’s how I put it all together!

DIY Disney Haunted Mansion Wreath


Haunted mansion wreath supplies


spring foliage wreath base

Start with your base wreath. Rearrange the existing picks so they are even going around the wreath. Establish which end will be the top. This wreath was shaped somewhat like a triangle so I used the wide end as the bottom.

TIP: If you don’t have an already made spring wreath like the one I found, you can always use a spring wreath you already own or buy some greenery and add those to the wreath first.

trim leaves off of stems

Cut your stems off of the main stem to make small stems with a pair of pliers.

wire the sign to the wreath

Add the Welcome Foolish Mortals sign with plant wire. I tied it to the top and bottom of the wreath. It has holes and will easily tie on. (You can see in the pics I added the moss first. I changed the step because it would be easier to add the sign first).

add the moss garland to the edge of the wreath

Add the moss garland to the back of the wreath. Clip it into the wreath with floral clips or wire it on with plant wire. If the garland overlaps you want the overlapped section to hang down on the bottom of the wreath.

Add in the rest of the foliage with plant wire or Elmers Glue. I was able to just stick them into the wreath for security.

If you are displaying the wreath outside I recommend Elmers glue instead of hot glue. Hot glue melts in the heat and the foliage may fall off.

  • Add the glitter leaves evenly around the wreath in between the green spring foliage.
  • Add the 3 large black Chrysanthemum flowers around the wreath.
  • Add the black branches evenly around the wreath.
  • Wire in the skeleton hand to the bottom of the wreath.

I couldn’t decide whether I liked the wreath with a bow or without one. I showed both ways for you to decide on your own.

How to Make a Halloween Bow:

how to make a simple bow

Cut 49 inches of ribbon and wrap them around so the ends meet together.

Pinch the ribbon and wrap it tightly with plant wire.

add tail to bow

Cut 24 inches of ribbon and pinch them in the center tie them tightly with plant wire. Tie the bow and the hanging ribbon together with the plant wire attached to the bow. Add the bow and hang the wreath! Yay! You are finished making the wreath!

DIY Halloween welcome foolish mortals wreath
Haunted mansion wreath on green door
haunted mansion door hanger
haunted mansion door wreath

I hope you have enjoyed watching me create this super cool Disney Haunted Mansion wreath for my home. If you decide to make your own, I would love to see a pic! If you are on Instagram tag me @kim_madeinday or give me a shout-out on Facebook!

Love the idea but you don’t have the time to make this? Try these fun Halloween Signs I found for you! Juat add one to your exsisting Halloween Wreath!

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