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The Best Macrame Home Decor for Every Style

Looking for unique wall art or to add a more natural look to your decor? I’ve got all the best picks for macrame home decor in one post! You can make your own too! For more fun DIY projects see my Macrame page.

The Best Macrame Home Decor for Every Style

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Macrame made its second resurgence a few years ago and it is one of my favorite things to make!

Back in the 1970’s macrame was super popular and found in almost every home. The techniques were being taught in classes across the country to make funky home decor items. Macrame was mostly used to create regular home decor items like wall art and plant hangers. But it was also prominent in fashion items like belts, earrings, and bracelets.

Macrame Home Decor for Every Style

I have made my fair share of macrame (or faux macrame) projects. Today I want to share some great pieces that are already made that you get to go in your home right now! No DIY needed! Click on the small images to get more info on each item.

Macrame Hanging Wall Art

macrame wall art

To update macrame for 2021, I chose some of the most unique macrame finds that are not your typical macrame knots or natural colors. I chose vibrant and rich colors for my macrame favs.

Macrame Wall Hanging Curtain

macrame  hanging curtains

Another fun way to decorate with macrame is by using a large curtain on a wall or as a backdrop. Here are my unique finds.

Black and Cream Macrame Wall Hanging

black macrame wall art

Add some drama to a room with black macrame! To me dark macrame or tassel wall art is a more modern approach to this type of wall art. It looks more like a piece of art than the woven plain natural color macrame. Here are some of my fav macrame and tassel art picks.

I also love deep hues of greys, greens and blues.

Macrame Hanging Planter Designs

macrame plant hangers

The most common way you see macrame in a home is woven hanging planters. Here are some unique versions that I like. I am so buying the disco ball one!

Macrame Mirror Wall Hanging

Macrame mirrors are such a cute choice to bring some boho to any room! I own the third and last one!

Macrame Shelve Ideas

A cute way to add an accent to a wall is with shelves.

Misc. Macrame Room Decor

macrame home items

There are so many fun ways to create home decor with macrame too! I just ordered that magazine holder!

Macrame Kits

Get started with macrame with one of these fun kits. Careful it could become an addiction.

Best Macrame Books

There are tons of macrame books out there. Below are the ones that peaked my interest.

I hope I have inspired you with my macrame picks! Did you find a new piece to add to your collection of macrame home decor? I did just by researching this post! The disco ball planter and magazine holder are in my cart right now. I may need to try one of those kits as well!

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