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Simple Natural Tassel Easter Eggs

Looking for a fun and easy way to decorate globally for Easter? Try my DIY Simple Natural Tassel Easter Eggs. So grab your fabric stash and let’s make some eggs! For more spring ideas see my Easter page.

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This year I am making my Easter decor a little less traditional and a little more global. I picked up these cool wooden eggs on a whim while passing by Target’s dollar spot. I was instantly drawn to the natural look of the raw wood and sweet cardboard egg holder.

They remind me of kids faux food for a play kitchen and for 3 bucks! Hey, I was sold!

You know by now tassels and fringe are my favorite ways to glam things up. Adding fabric trim to these eggs to create a shabby look is super simple. I used some of my fav fringy trim and cut it into fun patterns around the eggs.

You can definitely get your boho on with these cuties this spring! Here are the deets on how I made them.

Simple Bohemian Fringe Tassel Easter Eggs


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NOTE: I used three different types of trim for this project. I listed two of them above in the supply list. The other double tassel trim I was unable to find a link to it, but you can find it at Hobby Lobby Stores. 


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When adding the trim, in order to keep it flat to the egg you need to glue it to the large round end. This way the trim will lay smooth down on the egg. Add a dot of hot glue to the egg and press one end of the trim down smooth.

Hold until the glue dries. measure and trim the fabric trim to match exactly to the other end of the trim. Do not overlap. Add a dot of hot glue and press both ends of the trim so they meet seamlessly.

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Take the double trim and cut it in half. Use the large bottom tassel trim and wrap around the egg on the top and bottom. Use dots of hot glue to secure the trim.

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The tassel egg is made with 2-inch natural tassel trim.

Fringe added to a wooden easter egg, how to make boho easter eggs

Glue the tassel trim just as I explained in the above egg tutorials. Trim the fringe down to 1 inch to make the simple fringe egg.


Trim fringe on boho easter egg, boho easter ideas,

Add 2-inch fringe trim as in the above tutorial. Using sharp fabric scissors, trim 4 sections of the fringe down to 1/8 of an inch. Leave 3 fringe sections to make each tassel.

NOTE: You may need to count the sections of fringe on your egg before cutting the sections out. You want the tassels to look even.

Make a tassel on fabric trim, decorating easter eggs, wood egg

Using a string you cut off the trim, tie a knot around the 3 sections of fringe to make a tassel. Add a dot of glue to secure the knot.

tassel easter egg, how to make boho easter decor

Wrap the ends of the strings around the tassel and glue down to secure. Trim the bottom of the tassel off to around 1 inch from the tie portion.


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Wrap the wide cotton fabric fringe around the wide top/center of the egg. Glue the top section down as described in the above egg tutorials. Carefully cut the excess trim to match and meet one another around the egg. Glue the sides down meeting one another at the knots.

make a tassel egg,

Trim the tassels off of the bottom of the trim to around 1/8-1/4 of an inch and fluff the strings towards the middle of the tip of the egg. Use a comb to straighten the string before you smooth them out. Add a dot of glue on the tip of the wood egg and gently smooth the strings to the center of the egg.

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That’s all there is to it! Such an easy project for Easter. I hope you enjoyed this post! If you make this fun idea I’d love to see it!


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Simple Natural Tassel Easter Eggs,

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  1. Kim,
    These are the cutest darn eggs!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  2. Loving these boho eggs! Genius idea to use the fringe to create the design around the egg.

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