Easter Bunny Wreath

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Easter Bunny Wreath made with Coco Liner Moss madeinaday.com

Spring is here and Easter has almost arrived! This year 11 of my favorite bloggers got together to share the Easter Version of Crafts on a Budget Hop! We are given a budget of no more than $10 and are challenged to create an Easter craft using items from the dollar store or dollar section of other local stores.

Moss covered crafts are all the rage for Spring decorating. When I picked up this coco liner in the spring plant section of the Dollar Tree Store I thought what a great alternative to moss! What a perfect color for a natural bunny craft. It was then I knew it would make a cute festive door hanger.  Here is how I made this easy Coco Liner Easter Bunny Wreath~

Easter Bunny Wreath


Make a wreath with Coco Plant Liner

Small foam circle shown above not used.


Pull and stretch coco liner for crafts

Gently pull and stretch the molded coco liner to make it lay as flat as possible.

Cover a wreath with moss

Place one of your wreaths in the center of the liner and trim the liner to fit over the edges for the size of your wreath.

cut pleats to cover round surface

Cut triangle slits out of the liner every 4 inches going around the outside of the foam wreath.

Hot glue the liner to the wreath. Glue slowly around the wreath allowing the glue to thoroughly dry before going on to the next section. I used straight pins to hold the liner in place and snug to the foam while the glue dried. Repeat with the other wreath.

Glue the two wreaths together and to stabilize them, place two skewers or toothpicks pushed through both wreaths. Add glue to the picks and between the liners. Let it dry.

cut liner in half to make rabbit ears

Pull and stretch the third coco liner out flat. Cut the liner in half with sharp scissors. Take one-half of the liner, leaving the straight cut side alone and cut a rounded outer ear side out of the liner.  Using this ear as a guide, lay it on top of the other half of the liner and cut an exact copy of the ear out. Trim the rears down to suit your wreath size. Hot glue them to the back and top of the smaller wreath.

Add a strip of pink burlap ribbon and tie in a bow. Add a few spring picks and hot glue them to the back of the bow.

Make a Bunny Tail with Clover Jumbo Pom Maker

Now you can easily buy a pom pom for the tail or simply leave it off. I wanted a big fluffy tail, so I used my Jumbo Clover 4.5 inch Pom Maker to make one. See my detailed instructions on how to use the Clover Pom Pom Maker post. Hot glue the tail on the bottom of the large wreath. Add a hanger on the back by gluing a small piece of twine or yarn between the ears. And that’s it!

DIY Easter Bunny Wreath Dollar Store Coco liner madeinaday.com

He’s so fun and I really liked working with the coco liner. It is so easy to mold and stretch into and around objects. I am totally going to use it from now on as an alternative to moss.

What would you cover with coco liner? I’d love to know what your ideas would be!

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 Now onto the Hop!

Thank you so much for joining me in this blog hop today! I’ve teamed up with 11 other extremely talented bloggers to share our Easter crafts on a budget. Each of us was given a budget of no more than $10 and challenged to create an Easter inspired craft using items from the dollar store or dollar section of our local stores. If you have any budget friendly Easter crafts to share, please add it to the link-up at the bottom of this post so it can be seen on all of our blogs!

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    1. Oh glad you liked him, he’s my new fav. Thanks for stopping by.

  1. Kim, I can’t believe these are plant liners! What a clever idea! And your bunny wreath is so, so cute!

  2. Wow I never would have thought about using those liners to make a wreath. Great idea and I love how it turned out!!

  3. I see the florist in you with this craft. So smart to use coco plant liners. You have me thinking of all the things I can make with this now.

  4. Such a unique Easter craft! I know those moss covered crafts are so popular and I love them too but your coco liner bunny is awesome! I always enjoy blog hops because it’s the best place to find new ideas.

  5. Omgosh, that it so smart! I would have never thought to use liners in such a way! Your bunny turned out fantastic! Love it

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