Painted Tribal Vases

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Want some expensive looking decor without shelling out a ton? Make your own Painted Tribal Vases from thrift store vases. Find more of my fun Bohemian decor on my Tropical Boho tutorial page.

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It’s no secret I love unique decor. I have been on the lookout for some vases to paint a tribal pattern on. For this month’s Thrift Store Challenge, I found two different shaped vases to transform into a fun boho look to add more greenery to my home.

I needed a pop of pink to compliment my new mounted tapestry in my living room, I chose a Native American pattern for the first vase. I then sanded it to give it a more rustic look and feel. I have been wanting to add a black and white vase for my entryway. So I chose a simple line pattern, similar to one I found on the Anthropologie site.

Painted Tribal Vases



Clean and wipe down each vase.

Paint each vase with white primer and let it dry per manufacturers directions. Paint each vase with white semi-gloss spray paint. Let the paint dry completely.

Native American Pattern Vase:

For this vase I drew the pattern by marking the vase with a pencil and free handing the design. Most vases with these types of patterns are not perfect anyway and you can always wipe off the paint mistakes using a wet wipe.

I measured 5 inches from the top a pencil mark midway down the vase. Paint the top half of the vase with acrylic paint in Melon.

Paint the bottom half of the vase with acrylic paint in Orange Red. Add painters tape to create a straight line. Draw the line using Black acrylic paint between the top and bottom color.

Draw triangles on the bottom and then draw triangles upside down. Draw another thick line in Black acrylic paint. Paint slanted triangles in between the upside down ones. Draw another thick line on top of the triangles.

Draw lines through the triangles using Melon acrylic paint. Paint the opposite top triangles, White. Paint the rim of the vase with Blue/Green acrylic paint.

Let the paint dry. Using fine grit sandpaper lightly sand the vase to reveal the white spray paint under the acrylic paint. Seal with spray acrylic sealant.

Grey/White Tribal Vase:

Tape off sections evenly as shown with washi tape.

Using Grey acrylic paint, 2-inchinch lines in a slanted angle between the washi tape lines. Go back over any light lines with paint.

Remove the washi tape and let the paint dry. Seal with spray acrylic sealant and that’s it!

I am so thrilled with how both of these vases came out! They add the perfect pop of color and design to my home. This is such an easy way to get the latest trendy decor for a fraction of the price.

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Painted Tribal Vases, Boho vases, paint Native American pattern on a vase, Bohemian vases, easy DIY home decor, pink tribal vase #tribalpattern #Boho #tribal

20 thoughts on “Painted Tribal Vases

  1. The vases look terrific. I like the modern look they have even though the design is tribal.

  2. Wow! What a high end look! It looks like something you’d find at Anthropology for several hundred dollars. Great find and makeover, I’m a little jealous, lol! Pinning 🙂

  3. Oh my goodness! I love the colors on your tribal vases. Bet I’ve got one just waiting to be made over!

    Thanks so much for the DIY inspiration!

  4. Kim these are both beautiful, what a great way to add some color and interest to your home decor. They look great with the greenery too!

  5. Very cool!! I love these! After making my tribal bowl last month, I’ve really had an eye on tribal decor. Both vases are lovely — pinning and sharing.

  6. Oh my word, these are gorgeous!! I love the white and grey one!!!

    1. Thank you Amanda! I am in love with the pink one. You will see why when my tapestry Wall art posts. They are a perfect match!

  7. I love these. I have a ton of glass vases sitting in the garage and this would be a great way to transform them into something I would like to display.

    1. I had a bunch of vases myself and trashed them, I had to go find these to redo. Thanks lady!

  8. These are so cool and they look so good with your other things. I never to think to get vases from the thrift store but these turned out so nice I may have to re-think my thrift store strategy!

    1. Thank you Michelle, I always skip the vases myself. I think I need to make more and will be on the lookout for more unique ones.

  9. These vases are phenomenal! I’ve never really been into the tribal look, but I could definitely get on board with your designs. They are super. Thank you for sharing.

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