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Printable Easter Bunny Letter

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Add this enchanting Easter Bunny letter from Peter Cottontail to your kid’s baskets! Download and print a delightful message to add extra fun to their holiday. For more fun printables see my Easter page.

Printable Easter Bunny Letter

Looking for a special way to surprise your little ones this Easter? A printable Easter Bunny letter could be the perfect touch to add some extra magic to the holiday.

Just print the letter off and add it to your child’s Easter basket!

Imagine the look on your child’s face when they receive a personalized letter on Easter bunny letterhead from Peter Cottontail himself! It’s a sweet and thoughtful way to create lasting memories and bring joy to their Easter celebration.

The printable letter from Peter Cottontail serves as a magical reminder for kids that Easter is not just about chocolate treats and egg hunts but also about spreading love, kindness, and happiness.

The charm of receiving a letter from this beloved bunny character adds an element of wonder to the holiday festivities, creating lasting memories for children.

Printable Easter Bunny Letter


  1. Click the link below to download the PDF to print. Print the templates out using white paper or cardstock. Use the printer setting US Letter.

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Fun Printable Easter Bunny Letter

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