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Tantalizing Ravens Nest Halloween Wreath

Glam up your door this season with an elegant crow’s nest Halloween wreath made with black feathers. Spooky Ravens Nest Halloween wreath door hanger from a boa. For more spooky fun see my Halloween page.

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I was actually digging through some of my floral remnants. Believe me, I have a lot of them hanging around the workshop, and I came across one of the wispy wreaths I had taken apart.

I used pliers to pull apart some of the twigs for another project and discarded the leftover wreath in my to-do pile.  When I picked it up and it struck me that it looked sort of like a moon or a hoop wreath

Well, that got me going on a hunt for more items. I pulled out my fabulous rooster feather boa that I use for Halloween costumes or sometimes hanging around the background of my Halloween vignettes.

The boa’s black feathers reminded me of crow or ravens feathers. I pulled out my faux crows and went to work! 

The ravens nest Halloween wreath wreath takes only a few minutes to put together. If your up for trying a unique wreath for Halloween that’s easy to make, this crow nest wreath is the one! Here’s how I made it!

How to make a Ravens Nest Halloween Wreath


how to make a crows nest


take apart a wispy wreath

Use pliers to remove 2 -3 sections of the wispy wreath. This will leave a wire hoop center on one-half side of the wreath.

crow feather wreath, black feather wispy wreath

Use floral wire to secure the hanging part of the twigs to the hoop. Add the feather boa to the center using floral wire.

You can cut it off to fit the center or tuck it up to make it fuller. As you can see I like to hang my wreaths when I work on them to give me a better perspective.

Ball up a small amount of moss in the shape of a nest. Hot glue the nest down to the center of the boa.

Using pliers cut apart the black Halloween foliage stem bunch and insert them around the nest. Once you have them arranged, glue them down so they are secure.

faux crow

Add the crows. You may need to use floral wire around their legs to help secure them to the branches. The crow in the nest, I just removed is feet, added wire and glued him in!

And that’s it! Super easy crows nest wreath and a fun way bring some spooky elegance to your home this Halloween!

crows nest wreath, nest Halloween wreath, black feather wreath, crow feather wreath

This wreath would look great in my Gold & Black Halloween Entryway! Did ya see it? Halloween black feather wreath.

crow feather wreath, black feather halloween wreath, bird nest wreath
crow's nest feather wreath
ravens nest, crows nest wreath, black feather Halloween wreath

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crows nest wreath,

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  1. I love the Raven Wreath. The black on the wreath makes it eye catching, but spooky. Nice way to greet Trick or Treat visitors. Thanks for sharing on Sunday’s Best.

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