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Mesmerizing Two Headed Skeleton Halloween Decor

Scare the neighbors with a two headed skeleton! This two-headed life-size posable skeleton Halloween decoration will make your house the creepiest on the block! For more scary decor see my Halloween page. 

Two Headed Skeleton, Boho Halloween decor, Bohemian Halloween, two-headed life-size posable skeleton halloween decoration

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As you all well know Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year! I am super excited this season! I am partnering up with my friends at Oriental Trading Company to bring you the two-headed skeleton!

Being a part of The Skeleton Squad this year, I chose the creepiest two headed skeleton as my main event! The skeleton is life-size at 60″ tall with two necks and two heads. Super creepy for Halloween I just love it! 

2 Headed Skeleton, Boho halloween Skeleton,

My girl is the perfect two-faced California socialite wearing a vintage go-go dress, long boho style necklace, and a vintage rhinestone bracelet. Add two long 18-inch blonde wigs and a glass of champagne and she fits right in for a spooky Sunday brunch.

She even got a paint job to make her even eerier. See the tutorial at the end of the post.

This spooky 2 headed skeleton is not the only Halloween prop in my creepy decor. Let me take you on a terrifying tour around our haunted home.

Have a look around! There are a ton of inspirational pics and a quick tutorial and creepy video at the end of this post!

Animated Witch with Apple Halloween Decoration, Witch yard haunt, Sleeping Beauty Halloween Decor Animated Witch

Let’s start outside. First up is the Standing Witch with Red Apple animated decor. She stands at staggering 7 ft tall. I love how menacing she looks in my front entry.

To me, she looks like she came straight out of the Sleeping Beauty movie! Love her so much. She will be so much fun for years to come. 

Skeleton groundbreaker hands, skeleton hand peace sign, skeleton hand rock and roll sign, skeleton hand ok

Groundbreakers are always fun too! These Skeleton Hands Groundbreakers are an easy way to make your yard look like the dead are all around you. I love the gestures too. They are doing the OK sign, Rock’n Roll and the Peace sign! Too fun! 

Halloween Gargoyle Door Knocker, Animated gargoyle door hanger, talking gargoyle Halloween prop

Coming into my front courtyard there is frightening Gargoyle Door Knocker! He has a motion sensor and grumbles out creepy sayings to all that come near it.

talking gargoyle, animated gargoyle, halloween gargoyle

His eyes light up spooky red. He is super cool and definite must-have for your haunted decor. So creepy! 

floral skull wreath, Floral fringe skull wreath

You may remember one of my favorite Halloween Wreath projects, the Creepy Skeleton Skull Wreath. This wreath can be simply made with fabric, floral stems, and a Halloween skeleton groundbreaker. Check out the link for the how-to.

Halloween props, animated witch, coffin, animated owl, animated hanging bat

A few more props you are gonna love are the Animated Owl, Coffin Cardboard Standup and the Upside Down Animated Bat. The cardboard coffin is pretty big and sturdy. It stands at almost 5 feet and is super easy to put together.

The animated owl is super cool. Its eyes light up, it hoots and its head spins around like a real owl. The upside-down bat shrieks and shakes when something comes near it. Look for them in some of my Halloween scenes in this post. 

Two headed skeleton, boho skeleton party girl, bohemian Halloween decor

Moving back inside, I created a Halloween scene on my fireplace with my two headed skeleton girl.  I hung the upside-down bat from a hanging light on my fireplace. Next, I added my fun boho fabric pumpkins and shimmering boho lantern pumpkins with a creepy rat. They create such a fun scene! I just love it. 

Animated owl, boho pumpkin lantern,  Boho fabric pumpkin

On the left of side of the fireplace are the haunted owl, one of my yard tombstones, more pumpkins and a creepy spider. 

French Bulldog Halloween Skeleton

My Cali girl even has her own super cute French Bulldog so she never has to go to the store alone. The tasseled Spellbound Throw pillows are so fun for Halloween too! 

party girl two headed skeleton with guy skeleton, Bride Groom Halloween prop
Skeleton Squad Two Headed Skeleton

To get your home Halloween ready this season!

Find all the items listed in this Post

I hope you have enjoyed my Halloween home tour this year! I hope you were inspired to make your Halloween your own by painting and dressing up a plain skeleton prop! Here’s the tutorial I promised!

How to Age a Skeleton Prop

To make my two headed skeleton even more creepy I painted the bones with a paint wash to make it look like a more realistic buried skeleton than the super bright white plastic.

Here is a quick tutorial for how to corpse a skeleton the simple way with paint.

Disclosure: I am partnering with Oriental Trading Company in this post. I received compensation, but all opinions are my own

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 Two Headed Skeleton Halloween


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How to Age a Skeleton Prop

A simple way to add the look of old aged bones to a white skeleton prop.
Prep Time5 minutes
Active Time15 minutes
Additional Time30 minutes
Total Time50 minutes


  • Paintbrushes: One large 2 inches wide brush, one smaller 1 inch wide brush


  • Acrylic Paint: Brown Black, and White
  • Plastic Sheeting or Newspaper to Protect Floor
  • Cup of Water or more


  • Lay skeleton out on sheeting or hang up in the garage or wide workspace area.
  • Mix 1/4 of brown acrylic paint with water in a cup and stir until blended.
  • Paint with light strokes over the skeleton with a small paintbrush.
  • Go over the paint again with a larger paintbrush to spread the paint out. You want it to be a thin coat that you can see some of the bone through. Just like a light whitewash coat.
  • Paint front, back, and interior of ribs on the skeleton.
  • Let the paint dry.
  • Paint the center of the black eyes and nose with black paint. I left some of the original paint showing. My skeleton’s eyes and nose were more dark grey so I used the black paint to add depth to the eyes and nose.
  • Lightly paint white on the teeth to make them pop and that’s it!
age a skeleton prop, corpse a skeleton, darken a skeleton, paint a skeleton
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    1. Hi Becky,
      The skeleton came with two heads. I did not make it. I just added the brown paint to make it look old.

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