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Sparkling Champagne Gold Sparse Christmas Tree

Looking for ways to decorate a sparse style Christmas tree? Let me show you how I put together my simple yet stunning Sparkling Minimal Champaign Christmas Tree. For more Holiday posts see my Christmas page. 

Champagne Gold Christmas Tree Decorations, Sparse Christmas Tree, Skinny Christmas Tree

Sparkling Champagne Gold Sparse Christmas Tree

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A couple of weeks ago I shared the beginnings of my Holiday decor. We moved into a much smaller home and I gave away all my decorations to my neighbors and a local thrift store.

This Christmas I am starting from scratch! I wanted this year’s design to be simple yet minimal so I went with a sparse 7.5 foot Alpine Balsam Fir tree from Balsam Hill. This is not a sponsored post I just really love this tree and had to share it with you.

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How to Style a Sparse Christmas Tree

Sparse Christmas trees to me have such a fun vintage vibe. They have also become a favorite of the minimal Scandinavian and/or Nordic Style holiday decor.

I found that a lot of people have these types of trees to show off vintage or unique ornaments collections. I just like the delicate look of the branches with tiny fairy lights woven around them.

This is the first time I have seen Christmas trees made with fairy lights and I am really digging how they look. 

natural sparse tree trunk, Alpine balsam fir trunk

I chose this particular sparse tree because the pole or faux trunk is more realistic than some of the other sparse trees I found online. This one has a more organic look instead of wrapped brown garland covering the pole. 

Alpine Balsam Fir Sparse branches

The branches have light green tips that make them look so completely real. I am so thrilled with this tree! My husband, however, is calling it the large Charlie Brown tree. I am ignoring him. I win Chris! 

Putting the tree together, it is a lot differently than a normal Christmas tree, the trunk is the connecting plug for all of the fairy lights!  When you connect the sections of the tree it plugs the fairy light strings altogether. Pretty clever!

push button on and off switch on Christmas tree

It has a flat bottom stand and a push-button on and off switch which is great at night when you cut it off. Just step on the button and it’s off.

It also comes with a storage bag, gloves to handle the tree, and extra bulbs! I don’t know many trees that come with all that. 

Champagne Gold Ornaments

Champagne Gold Ornaments, Jeweled Crystal Christmas Tree Garland, Champagne gold bows, Sparse Skinny Christmas Tree

My choice of color for the ornaments this year is champagne! Lots of delicate golds, beiges, and pinks. I used large and small ornaments. and then added champagne gold bows to the ends of the branches. 

Jeweled Crystal Garland, Rhinestone Christmas Tree Garland

The branches are super thin I went with a gold and crystal jeweled garland made from fabric trim! If you roll-over the images for this tree on the Balsam Hill site you will see they sell a similar jeweled garland you can purchase, but it was rather pricey for a garland.

So I improvised. I hit the web and found 11 yards of large 6mm crystal rhinestone trim for a fraction of the price! The garland is so sweet and sparkling. It’s perfect on this tree and my fav hack right now! 

Nordic Christmas Decorations, Champagne Christmas Decorations, Minimal Christmas Tree, Sparse Christmas Tree, pink ornaments
Grey fireplace minimal Christmas mantle, simple white grey Christmas fireplace
white cable knit stockings, Pom pom stockings, white sherpa stockings

I went with a minimal fir and pine cone garland to match the mid-century modern fireplace.

I found the cutest ivory cable knit stockings with pom-poms. I love mixed textures with stockings. The fur ones on the end are shaped like bones for my fav girls! 

36 inch pre lit frosted fir wreath, Fairy light Christmas Wreath, Pine Christmas wreath

Instead of making a holiday wreath this year I found this super large 36-inch beauty at Costco. It is frosted with crystal-like snow and has sweet mini fairy lights to light it up.

It matched my garland perfectly! Sadly it is sold out. I found an alternative one in the shopping list below. 

Tropical Christmas Bar Cart, Boho Christmas Bar Cart

I changed my tropical bar cart around a little from my last post. We definitely love our Christmas cheer! See my previous Scandinavian Holiday Decor post for where to find the items seen in this pic.

Minimal Sparse Christmas tree, Pink Bohemian Christmas tree, Sparse modern Christmas tree, modern boho Christmas

I hope you have enjoyed a little tour of the living room and sparse Christmas tree! I have a few more decorating items on my list to complete my new look. I am on the hunt for the perfect tree collar. I hope were inspired and your holiday decorating is coming along smoothly! Enjoy! 


Ivory Cable Knit Stockings Target (or try these like them here  •  Sherpa Bone Pet Stocking Target (or try one like it here)  •  Minimal Toas Pine Garland   •  Champagne Ornaments •  Contrasting Champagne Ornaments  •  Gold & Crystal Jeweled Garland  •  Champagne Gold Bows  •  Alpine Balsam Fir Sparse Tree  •  Pre-lit Frosted Fir Wreath (I got mine at Costco, they are sold out)  •  White Nordic Christmas Village

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Sparkling Champagne Gold Sparse Christmas Tree,

Happy Holidays

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  1. Zoie Zorn says:

    I just love that too. I’ve always had all colored balls on my tree but this year I want to go all pastel with a little subdued colors

  2. It’s sparse like a Charlie Brown tree, but so much nicer! I like the sparse look since it really shows off your ornaments. Totally fits in perfectly with your new Cali home.

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