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Inspiring Succulent Printable Wall Art: Plant One on Me!

If you can’t get warm weather outside then update your interiors with these fun Succulent Printable Wall Art displays. Just print and hang to makeover a space! For more fun wall art see my Printables page.

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Today I decided to go ahead and share some fun succulent printables. Christmas is over and so far it hasn’t been that cold here so why not bring a little green into the home before spring makes a grand entrance?

How cute are these prints with the planters with fun faces? These prints would be great to update gallery walls, add to frames in an entryway, or maybe your desk at work. The super cute “Plant one on me” print would be super fun for Valentine’s Day! I made some plain succulent prints for those who like minimal decor. Enjoy!

Succulent Printable Wall Art

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Prints are 8.5 x 11. Click the PDF links provided below to download the images. Print using the US Letter Setting. Set the printer to US Letter Borderless.

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Succulent Printable Wall Art~ Trendy Printable Wall art for your home! You grow Girl & Plant One on Me, + some plain succulent prints for your gallery walls! succulent printables, plant one on me, you grow girl, face planter

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