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Tropical Palm Watercolor Wall Art Printables

Print my beautiful Tropical Palm Watercolor Wall Art Printables for your home. Try the black and white palm wall art prints too! Monstera palm, banana and more! Just print and add to a frame. These printables are among many of my favorites in my Free Printable section.

Tropical Palm Watercolor Printables for your Home

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This season seems to have taken on a tropical palm jungle theme for everything from clothing to home decor.

I too could not resist the lure of the palm frond, so I made these wall art printables and would like to share them with you!  Use them to accentuate your home so you can be in with the latest trend!

Tropical Palm Watercolor Wall Art Printables

Prints are 8.5 x 11. Print on white cardstock trim to fit your frame & enjoy!

All Printables found on Made in a Day are for Personal Use Only and Not for Resale.

 See my printable disclosure for more info.

And if you use any of my free printables, of course, I would love to see what you do! Please tag me on Instagram @kim_madeinaday

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Tropical Palm Watercolor Wall Art Printables


  1. That Green-Palm-Set is awesome. such a amazing good work . now my living room is look so cool

  2. Hello! I used your printables in my cottage and love them! I would like to link to your site on my blog and give you credit for the art in our “tropical bedroom” Please let me know if that is okay with you!

  3. hi, just used the palm watercolour pdf for a background on a bird printable collage. It turned out fabulous. its on my instagram missmagnet30 if you want to take a look. So pleased with it. It turned out so well.

  4. These are stunning! Thank you for sharing.

  5. Hi,
    How do I convert these to jog so that I can order them as prints from photobox?
    Many thanks

    1. If you right click, save and download the images, they are jpg. If you click the link they are PDF’s.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Can these images be taken to say FedEx office and blown up to poster size and also maintain quality?

    1. Hi Elizabeth,
      The PDF’s are 300dpi (resolution) so they can be taken to a printer and printed on nice cardstock without losing their luster at that size. If you want to blow them up and make them larger, I am not sure if they will lose their sharpness or not. You could call and ask a printer company before trying it. I hope this helps.

  7. I’ve been looking for nice plant prints for a while and these are perfect! Thanks so much for sharing. :)

  8. Absolutely love them! Than you very much for sharing! It would look great on my walk in closet wall!! Greetings from Spain

  9. Ana Lucia Vicente says:

    these are so beautifull!. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Hello from Spain! I love your designs. I’m looking for something similar in blue for the wall above stairs , do you have something in blue?

    1. Hi Monica,
      Thanks so much I am glad you like my printables. Green is the only color these graphics come in. So no I do not have them in blue.

  11. Shabia Pitauli says:

    Thank youu soo much!! These are very beautiful and i cant wait to hang them on my wal! Thank youuu soooo much for your work!❤

  12. I lOvE these! Thanks so much! I live in the jungle in the Philippines but can never get the beautiful tropical plants to stay alive inside so these will help liven up my walls without killing anything! XX

  13. Love these! How can I save them as JPEG to print via shutterfly, etc.?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Angela,
      Right click and save the image, then upload. All you need to do is use cardstock paper in your home printer and print from my PDF for better quality. Please remember these images are for personal use only. Please do not add them to an image sharing site, Shutterfly does not have permission to use my images.

  14. Thelma Atkinson says:

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful prints.? I printed two for my wall, they look awesome.

  15. THANK YOU!!! The colors go perfectly with my decor. They’re hanging in my dining room now!

  16. Thank you! 2 of these are going in a guest bathroom

  17. Thank you! They’re lovely! Exactly what I was looking for.: )

  18. Hi! I love these prints! I am still not able to download the second palm frond image – it seems to link to the first one. Would you be able to correct?

    1. Hi Hannah,
      The second Palm link opens and look right to me, the third one was linked wrong, sorry about that. I am out of town and I must have relinked the wrong one. I added all four links to the bottom of the post in case they still do not work.

      1. Thank you very much! I have all four successfully downloaded. Now to print and frame!

  19. Kathy Riley says:

    Lovely! But there seems to be a problem with the downloads; the top one is a broken link, while the third link leads to the top one…???

    1. Hi Kathy,
      Sorry about the malfunction. My website needed an update for the links to show the PDF’s. They are working now.

  20. These are AWESOME! Totally reminds me of the tropics and home :-)

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