Painted Wedge Sandals!

painted shoes

Back in May I bought a great pair of wedge sandals from Marshall’s. I was so excited. I had actually found a pair of sandals that were pretty much love a first site and they actually fit comfortably! They were teal with a blue and green stripe on the bottom edge. Well that love faded fast a few days later when I went to wear them, put them on and they were soo tall,  I thought I would break my neck in them. What is the deal with the designers lately, six inch heels, really? Even if I was twenty I wouldn’t wear them. So I returned my awesome shoes for some more practical ones. Then a couple of weeks ago I was shopping at good ole Target and they had their monster heels on clearance for a whopping $6! These aren’t as high though and I can actually walk in them, but I had an ah-ha moment and decided I would recreate my love affair with the teal shoes I returned! Here’s what I did.

Painted Wedge Sandals

Materials: Acrylic paint and a paint brush! I used white, dark beige, black for the black pair of wedges and bright green, dark teal and bright blue paint for the teal wedges.

how to paint shoes

Start painting in the back of the sandal on the twine.  Make sure you count your twine and make sure your stripes are even for both shoes. The inner side of the shoe has less twine so you need to compensate for that. And that’s it! Instant awesome shoe love!! They are fabulous!

Painted wedge shoes

paint high heel shoes

painted heels wedge