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Mini Tulle Party Hat Headbands

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How fun are these perky mini tulle party hat headbands! Perfect for birthday parties or dressing up! Learn how to make these cuties, great for kids and adults. You can find more fun craft projects like this on my Crafts page.

Mini Tulle Party Hat Headbands

I love the fun mini hats you can buy for costumes. What a cute idea to make them for birthdays! When one of my family members has a birthday we always wear hats and have cake after dinner. I have party hats all the way back to my children’s first birthday party.

The ones we have though, are made of paper and they are pretty much falling apart. To replace them, I wanted to make something that would last and still be special to us for years to come. These party hat headbands would also make a great gift for that special person on their big day! Let’s get started.

Mini Tulle Party Hat Headbands


  • Felt Sheets: White, Pink
  • Floracraft® Make It: Fun® Foam Cones: (2) Size: 3 inch
  • 2 Headbands
  • 6 inch Tulle Rolls: White/Gold, Lime Green, Purple Glitter, Pink Glitter
  • Floral wire
  • Low-temp Glue & Gun
  • Sharp Fabric Scissors
  • Rotary Cutter & Mat
tulle and foam


cover foam with felt

Roll the 3-inch cones in the felt to measure for size.

felt covered come

Take a rotary cutter and cut the felt to match the circumference of the cone. Make sure the seam on the back of the cone is straight up and down. Hot glue the felt to the cone.

felt cone for hats

The felt on the tip of the cone will be pointed beyond the foam cone.

tulle hot glued to foam

Cut 5-6 strips of tulle 6-inch x 25 inches. Lay the strips evenly on top of one another in a stack. Fold the layered tulle in half. Starting at the seam in the felt, glue one end of the tulle to the bottom of the cone. Fold the tulle in pleats and glue flat going around the bottom of the cone.

glue hat ot headband

Glue the hairband to the bottom of the cone with low-temp glue. (I glued my hairband at an angle to have the hat sit on the side of the head instead of the center).

add felt to cover headband

Cut out a round piece of felt using a cookie cutter or round object. Glue the round felt circle over the tulle and headband on the underside of the hat.

Make the tulle pom for the top of the hat:

silver tulle

Cut 4-5, 7x 6-inch strips of tulle. Stack them evenly on top of one another. Fold them in half on the six-inch side.

tulle pom pom

So now you have a long strip of doubled tulle 7 inches long. Fold the tulle accordion-style back and forth.

make a tulle pom

Pinch and hold and add a 5-inch piece of floral wire to the center of the tulle. Pull the wire tight and twist to secure.

silver tulle pom

Trim the folded tulle off with sharp scissors. Fluff the pom by separating the layers of tulle. Insert the wire into the top of the felt cone. Glue into place with low-temp glue. Fluff the tulle on the edge of the hat by separating the layers.

pink green tulle party hat

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DIY tulle party hat

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  1. How fun that the birthday or special party guest gets a special hat! Love this idea.

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