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DIY Tassel Suede Fringe Slide Sandals

Update your favorite sandals into these DIY Tassel Suede Fringe Slide Sandals with this simple tutorial! If you are new around here and just as crazy about tassels as I am. Then you must check out my extensive tassel project on my  Fashion + Jewelry page.

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I am back in tassel mode again! Today I am DIY-ing some super cute inexpensive slides into a more expensive knock-off fringe slide sandals I found while shopping online! Let me give you some background on this project.

Faux Suede Slide Sandals, Flat Suede Slide Sandals

Recently I was browsing around Target and I found these amazing simple modern slide sandals. They were a whopping $12! For that price who doesn’t need a pair of these cuties? I bought two pairs because I knew I would love them and would need a backup when I wear the first ones out.

Whenever I find something that is trending I like to search the web to see all styles that are available. I found some really cute slides with suede fringe on them that were exactly like the ones I bought from Target. You can find them here on Amazon. Those fringe slide sandals sell for around $55. I knew I would easily be able to recreate the look of the fringe on my Target sandals. I broke out my suede stash and got to work! Here’s how to make these super cute slides for spring wardrobe!

DIY Tassle Suede Fringe Slide Sandals



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Measure the top of the sandal strap.

NOTE: My cutting dimensions may be different than yours. The size you cut the suede strips depend on the size of the sandal width. Smaller size sandals may have smaller dimensions and larger shoes may have bigger dimensions. 

Add suede to sandals, Black Suede Slides Sandals

Cut suede strips in 1.5 inch thick sections. Measure the width of the shoe in three sections. You do not need to have the suede strips reach the edge of the sandal. You want the front fringe to hang over 1/4 inch over the edge of the sandal.

how to make black suede fringe tassels

Add a strip of tape over the suede as a cutting guide for the fringe and to adhere it to the mat to make it secure. Cut slits in the suede 4 cm wide with a rotary cutter. Repeat on other 5 strips of suede.

add fringe to sandals, black fringe sandals

Layer the strips over each other 1 inch apart. Check placement. Start gluing the fringe on with the front suede strip. Start at one end and slowly pull and glue small sections of the fringe. Trim any overhang of fringe off straight with the sole of the sandal. Repeat with all layers. Let the glue dry for 24hrs (or premanufactured directions) to set.

DIY fringe tassel shoes sandals, black fringe sandals, suede fringe sandals

You can add a strip of decorative trim, pom trim or whatever you choose to the top edge of the sandal.  I like the simplicity of the sandal so I will leave mine plain with no trim.

DIY Tassel Fringe Slide Sandals, DIY Fringe shoes, DIY Tassel Shoes, black fringe slides, suede fringe sandalas

I am so thrilled at how great these sandals came out! They are so freakin cute! I may need to go buy more in other colors!


DIY Tassel Suede Fringe Slide Sandals. Add suede fringe to plain black slide sandals for an updated boho trendy look. #fringe #boho #Tassel #sandals #bohemian

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