Fall Candy Apple Recipes!

candy apple recipes

Today I am sharing a few recipes on how to make a variety of candy apples! I miss that old favorite from Halloween as a child. Seeing those gooey red ones reminds me of spooky Halloween nights from my past. Our neighbors used to make a huge batch of Candy Apples, enough for an army. They were so awesome to me as a kid.  Now I love the apples you can get at the mall candy or grocery store that are huge and loaded with chocolate and nuts. Yum~ So here’s how they are done.

how to make candy apples

First let’s start with traditional Candy Apple Recipes, (see recipe below). There are a couple of important things you need to know before starting on this adventure. First get a candy thermometer! You will need it, otherwise you will not know when the candy is ready to go on the apple. Next, wash your apples, then dry them using paper towels, rub them vigorously, this helps remove the wax so your candy will stick.  I figured that one out the hard way.

candy apple recipe

Next is Caramel Candy Apples (see recipe below). When adding your caramels ~ yes, unwrapping them takes forever, with the 2 tablespoons of water, you must keep an eye on the caramels, they will burn very easily.  Stir them constantly while they are melting. I had to spoon the caramel over my apples. I just could not get the caramel thin enough without burning it to be able to swirl my apple in it. I think my pan was too thin on the bottom. Using a double boiler pot would probably solve that problem.  Live and learn. SPRINKLE on the toppings. Do not try to roll the apple in the toppings, this causes the coating on your apple to fall off. I also learned that one the hard way.

Caramel Apple Recipe

Chocolate Candy Apples (see recipe below). These were the easiest to make! you should of seen my kitchen after the last two. Yikes. Simply melt your candy coating in a bowl in the microwave, I used Ambrosia Chocolate Flavored Bark Coating I found at the grocery store. Then swirl your apple in the chocolate. I used green sprinkles, red sprinkles and crushed peanuts. Again DO NOT roll your coated apple in the sprinkles. If you do it will put the chocolate off the apple. Check out the pic above of the sprinkles I had in plates and you will see the chocolate all over one of the plates. Shake them on so the look even.

Chocolate Covered Apple recipe

carmel choclate and candy apple recipes

A couple of the apples were dipped in caramel then chocolate, which is my personal favorite! Good luck to you! I hope some of these tips helped you out!

Candy Apple Recipes