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24 Holiday Breakfast Casseroles Made the Night Before

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Make things easy this season with 24 Holiday Breakfast Casseroles made the night before! Save time with these make ahead breakfast casseroles for every cuisine. For more recipes see my Recipe Index page.

24 Holiday Breakfast Casseroles Made the Night Before

One of the easiest ways to get things going on Thanksgiving or Christmas morning is by having a hearty meal ready to go in the oven. That way you are able to feed everyone and enjoy the morning stress free.

I have rounded up a bunch of breakfast casseroles to choose from. There is a flavor for everyone. From eggs and hash browns to zesty Mexican bakes.

Try one or all of these 24 Holiday Breakfast Casseroles Made the Night Before recipes. Just put everything together the night before and pop them in the oven in the morning and they are ready to go.

Make Ahead Egg Breakfast Casseroles

These are the traditional egg based recipes with meat, cheese and breading.

make ahead breakfast casserole with potatoes
recipe for christmas breakfast casserole
breakfast casseroles for christmas morning

Overnight Mexican Breakfast Casseroles

These recipes have a festive Mexican vibe with zesty peppers and sauces.

make ahead mexican breakfast recipes
overnight Mexican breakfast casseroles

Overnight Hash Brown Breakfast Casserole Recipes

These recipes are made with potatoes and could also be side dishes for weeknight meals!

Hash brown make ahead casseroles
overnight hash brown casseroles

Enjoy these breakfast casseroles made the night before! I know I will!

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24 Holiday Breakfast Casseroles Made the Night Before


  1. Hello Kim my long lost friend! Hope you are well. I love all of these holiday breakfast recipes. PINNED! Thank you for including mine. My heart is full of gratitude. Hugs, Holly

    1. Holly, I was thinking the same thing when I saw your post! Long time no see girlie! I took a long break from roundups but now I’m back! FYI you are in the Gnome one coming up soon too.

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