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Simple Funky Boho Fabric Pumpkins for Fall

Is money tight this fall season? Then simple DIY Boho Fabric Pumpkins tutorial is for you! Use scrap fabric and floral twigs to make these super cute pumpkins for your fall decor. Get expensive looking fall decor with the fabric you already own! Want more fun projects? See my Fall + Thanksgiving page.

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Fabric pumpkins have been an accessory staple in fall decor for years. Recently I bought a flowy kimono to wear in my fall wardrobe. It was just way too long for me, so I cut off the bottom edges. The fabric is so funky and cool that I thought it would make the cutest boho fabric pumpkins!

This project is literally one of the easiest seasonal home decor items to make. All you need is some scrap fabric, hot glue & gun, and some wood stems. There is a small amount of simple sewing involved. I hate sewing, but I promise this project is not really difficult and should not to keep you from making them. Let me show how I made these cuties!

Funky Boho Fabric Pumpkins


  • Fabric of Your Choice
  • Wood Twigs
  • Hot Glue & Gun with Fabric Glue Sticks
  • Needle & Thread
  • Polyester Fiberfill


make a fabric pumpkin

Cut your fabric to 2 strips of 21 x 9 inch strips for the large pumpkin and 2 strips of 19 x 7 inches for the small pumpkin. Place each strip of fabric with the “right” or printed side inward toward each other or on the inside of the fabric stack. Glue the short ends of the fabric together with a hot glue gun.

sew a simple fabric pumpkin, bohemian pumpkin

Using a needle and thread sew a single stitch from one end of the bottom edge to the other on the long end of the fabric.

Sew a simple pumpkin

Pull the thread to gather the fabric and tie a snug knot to keep it gathered together.

add fiberfill to a pumpkin

Repeat for the top edge but before tying the knot to secure it add the polyester filling inside.

Gather fabric on cloth pumpkin

Pull your thread tight and tie a strong knot at the gathered fabric. Fluff and shape the pumpkin.

Real stem for Fabric pumpkin, make a fabric pumpkin stem, grapevine stem for pumpkin

I used cut sections of a grapevine wreath for my stems. I took apart an old wreath and cut sections of the thick vines with a hacksaw for stems. You could also use craft twigs for this part and maybe make a felt leaf to go on it. Add hot glue to the ends of the twig and insert it into the top gathered section of the cloth pumpkin.

How to sew a pumpkin, Handmade pumpkin home decor, cloth pumpkin
Bohemian Pumpkin Fall Decor. Handmade Pumpkin, fabric covered pumpkin, hand sew fabric pumpkin,

Don’t you just love these one-of-a-kind boho fabric pumpkins! They are great for sitting around to perk up your fall decor or might look even better in a Thanksgiving tablescape. Enjoy!


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  1. These are so fun and funky for Fall! I love experimenting with colors and patterns that aren’t traditionally “fall” and these would be so cute on a shelf or grouped in a bowl! I’ll be featuring these at Merry Monday next week!

    1. Thanks so much, Emily. I love the crazy pattern too! Thanks for the feature!

  2. I LOVE these adorable pumpkins! So perfect for Fall decorating. Thank you so much for sharing them at the Whimsical Wednesdays Link Party! They will be a feature this week! Have a great day. :-D

    1. Oh, thanks so much for the feature! How exciting! Glad you liked them.

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