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Stunning Fall Awaits Hand Painted Sign

Looking to make something special for your door this fall. Try my Fall Awaits Hand Painted Sign with an easy DIY hand lettering tutorial you are going to love! For more fall ideas see my Thanksgiving page. 

Stunning Fall Awaits Hand Painted Sign. pumpkin floral pallet sign, fall hand painted sign

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Fall is most definitely my favorite season. Who doesn’t love corn mazes, pumpkins and that final break from the summer heat? I live in North Carolina and when the leaves start to change, the color of trees looks so amazing. I love decorating with all the colors of the leaves with deep shades of brown, yellows and green.

hello fall pallet sign

With some help from my friends at Hobby Lobby, I am going to show you how to hand paint and put together a beautifully crafted pallet sign for fall.

Hand painting can be intimidating if you have not tried it before. I am going to share with you some of my tips on how to get the lettering straight with smooth lines while painting on pallet wood.

Then I will show you an easy way to make and secure a floral swag with fall foliage to a sign.

Fall Awaits Hand Painted Sign


  • Woodpile Fun: Wooden Slatted Panel with Rope Hanger, Pallet Sign
  • Fall Foliage: (1) Burgandy Flower Bush, (3) Leaf, Nut & Pinecone Picks, (1)Yellow/Red/Green Long Leaf Bush, (1) Brown Glitter Foliage Stem, (2) Fall Pumpkin Picks
  • FolkArt Acrylic Paint: Ivory White
  • Floral Wire
  • (2) Screw Hook-Eye Rings: 3/4 inch
  • Hot Glue & Gun
  • Paint Brushes
  • Wet Wipes
  • Painters Tape
Create a pallet sign for fall


Choose a saying for your sign and bring it up on a graphics editor type program like Microsoft Word, etc. Size your lettering to a very large one. Print the words out and place them over the wood sign.

If the letters are not large enough, resize and print again. Once you get your letter-size just right, use painters tape to place onto the wood.

how to draw letters on wood, stencil free hand lettering on wood

Use a ballpoint pen or another hard metal object to trace the outside of the letters.

imprint letters on wood

Press down hard enough to make a groove into the wood below the paper.

how to hand letter on wood

Remove the paper.

draw letters on wood wit pencil,

Draw over the grooves with a pencil to outline the letters on the wood.

how to paint straight lines with washi tape

If you have letters with long straight lines, an easy way to get them even is to add painters tape to the edge of the letter and paint the insides with the ivory paint.

how to paint straight lines on wood

Go slow and easy when painting the letters. If you make a mistake and go over a line, use a wet wipe to immediately remove the paint. Touch up any mistakes. Let the paint dry.  If the wood has a noticeable white haze where you erased the mistakes with the wet wipe, here’s how to fix it.

Take a small amount of acrylic paint, close to the color of the wood, and gently tap it onto the wood using a dry brush technique. Take a dry paintbrush and add a small amount of paint to the tip of the brush. Wipe the paint off of the brush onto a paper towel and use it to touch up the wood. Tap the brush gently, you do not want the paint to make a definite mark on the wood.

To make the Floral Swag:

Clip apart the sections of the yellow/red/green long leaf bush and the brown glitter stem with wire cutters. Clipping foliage bushes apart will give you more sections of foliage to work with.

how to make a swag

Lay three sections of the yellow/red/green bush on each side of the swag. Lay two sections of the brown glitter on each side of the swag.

Pinch each side together and wrap and secure with floral wire. Secure each end of the bundles together in the middle with wire to make a small swag.  

Make another swag using the leaf, nut & pinecone picks. Secure each section with floral wire. Lay the leaf swag over he straw swag and wire them together.

To secure the swag to the sign:

Gently screw two small screw hook eyes to the top edge of the sign.

Add eye hood to wood

Figure out where you want your swag to sit on the front of the sign.

how to add a swag to pallet

Turn the sign over, add floral wire through the screw hook eyes and around the swag, Twist the floral wire to secure the swag to the pallet.

Cut floral stems

Clip apart the flower bushel into single flower sections. Place the flowers into the swag by sticking them in between the wires of the bundles.

Once you get the flowers where you want them, pull them out and add hot glue to the ends and place them back into the arrangement.  

Add your pumpkins, arrange the leaves and flowers, then display your sign!

white pumpkin pallet door hanger, fall floral pumpkin door hanger,
white pumpkin pallet sig
hello fall white pumpkin fall floral door hanger, fall hand painted sign

I am thrilled with how this fall awaits hand painted sign turned out. The rich fall colors pop on my black front door!

Happy Crafting!

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Fall Awaits Hand Painted Pallet, hello fall sign

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