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Rustic Boho Fabric Suede Tribal Ball Ornament

Looking for custom patterned ornaments? Well, look no further than the Boho Fabric Suede Tribal Ball Ornament. Simple fabric covered ornaments with endless color possibilities! For more fun holiday ideas see my Christmas page.

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This year I was looking around for some new ornaments. I am giving my Christmas tree a bohemian vibe to the match my home decor. I was unable to find just what I wanted that felt bohemian. So I decided to make my own ornaments to blend with the global style I have incorporated into my home.

In my previous posts, I made some fun glitter and Feather Arrows and some fun Frosted Bullseyes for my tree. To go along with them I made some fabric wrapped ball ornaments similar to the tribal ones sold by Target this year! See Target’s version in the image below.

Target tribal ornament

I actually bought some of the cloth tribal ornaments from Target to go on my tree, but I thought how fun would it be to have big tribal ornaments with a couple of different patterns.

Making fabric ball ornaments are no easy feat. It is really tough to get the fabric to lay down smooth on a foam or plastic ball. After much trial and error to get just the right size ball to get the fabric to lay down smooth. I think I finally perfected it!  The color and fabric possibilities are endless with these. Here’s how I made them!

Boho Fabric Suede Tribal Ball Ornament


make a tribal ornament


Cut a strip of fabric in a long thin diamond shape 7 inches long and 1.5 inches wide.

cut fabric into strips

The size of the fabric will differ with the size of the ball. This was the best size to get the fabric to lay smoothly over this 5-inch ornament.

Add tribal fabric to ornament

Paint a layer of Elmer’s Glue-all over the back of the fabric. Lay the end of the fabric diamond on the top of the ball, center and smooth over ornament. Stretch the fabric a little so it will lay smooth. Use a wet wipe to remove any overflow of glue on the ornament.

Add suede cording to ornament

Measure your suede lace cording to match the size of the fabric strips (around 6 3/4 to 7 inches depending on the ornament size). Using the flat end of a paintbrush add glue to the edges of the brush and add a small strip of glue to the edge of the fabric.

glue suede cording on ornament, fabric ball ornament

Lay the suede cording on the glue and work your way down the ornament. Repeat steps for another side of the fabric.

suede cording on ornament, fabric ball ornament

Add four more fabric strips to the ball. Clean up any glue on the ornament with the wet wipes. Let it dry overnight and that’s it!

DIY fabric ball ornament

I can not believe how awesome these turned out! They remind me of the ones by Target but so much better because they are bigger! I may need to make these again with different fabric!

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boho christmas, fabric ball ornament

Boho Christmas Tree Reveal


Boho Fabric Suede #Tribal Ball Ornament, An easier way to make fabric ball ornaments with a #boho vibe, handmade #ornament, leather ornament, suede ornament,


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  1. Your tree is absolutely gorgeous! I love all the fantastic ornaments you made for your one of kind tree.

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