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Frosted Wood Slice Glitter Bullseye Ornaments

I’m back with ornament number two! I made these Frosted Glitter Bullseye Ornaments to complement the Leather Feather Arrow Ornaments in my last post. This is my second in a series of five new ornaments to make over my tree this year into a rustic bohemian theme. For more holiday ideas see my Christmas page.

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Looking around for new ornaments I was unable to find just what I wanted for my tree this year. So I decided to make some to blend with the bohemian style I have incorporated into my home. In my previous post, I made some fun glitter and feather arrows and what goes best with arrows? Well, bullseye targets of course!

These are super simple to make, just take some 4-5 inch wood slices and paint the bulleyes, add some glitter and then frost the edges! Let’s get started!

Frosted Glitter Bullseye Ornaments


painted wood slice


paint wood slice white

Paint Ivory white acrylic paint on one side of the wood slice. Leave the edges of wood showing.

add grey and tan paint to bullseye

Paint beige acrylic paint in a circle leaving 1/4 of the white edges showing.

metallic paint on wood slice

Paint over the beige paint with the metallic paint. Metallic paint is very sheer so painting over a base of beige will make it darker and show up better.

paint bullseye on wood slice

Paint a black ring inside the metallic circle.

add glitter to bullseye ornament

Paint a white circle in the center. Paint a circle of Emler’s glue and add your glitter. Gently knock off the excess glitter and let it dry.

add snow frost to wood slice

Paint Elmers glue on the edges of the bark and dip/roll in clear glitter to make them look icy and frosted. Let it dry. Hot glue a 12-inch piece of suede lace cording on the back of the wood slice. And that’s it! You have one super easy Christmas ornament!

bullseye Christmas tree ornaments, bohemian ornament,

These look so great on my tree. They create the perfect contrast with the other black and white patterned ornaments I have hanging near them. I will be posting my tree coming in December so you all can see how my ornaments compliment each other. Check out my feather arrow ornament that goes with these bullseyes in the post below!

Boho Christmas Tree Reveal


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