Leather Feather Arrow Ornaments

Looking for a unique way to decorate your tree this holiday season? I’m going boho! See my Leather Feather Arrow Ornaments. They are the first in a series of five new ornaments to make over my tree this year into a rustic bohemian theme.Leather Feather Arrow #Ornament, #arrow, feather arrow, glitter arrow, DIY arrow, #Christmas arrow ornament #Boho holiday tree, boho Christmas tree boho ornament


I decided to change my Christmas tree to match my current decor style. I wanted my tree to have a black white and pink bohemian vibe! Looking around for ornaments to use I found that the possibilities of buying what I wanted for my tree were very slim. There just isn’t much out there to create a bohemian theme. In order to do this kind of theme, I would just have to make the ornaments myself to get what I want.

I made dozens of five different boho ornaments. The first ones I made are these super easy glittered wood stick arrows with real feathers and suede leather hangers. I also made some out of some with chevron ribbon cut down as the tail of the arrow.

The trick to making these simple as possible is to use adhesive backed felt to make the triangle for the tip. The sticky backing was so much easier than waiting for the glue to dry on two pieces of felt. One could grow old waiting on felt to dry! I also wanted them to have some bling. So I added some glue to the felt and dipped them in glitter. Here’s how I put them together.

Leather Feather Arrow Ornaments




Cut the felt into a 1.5 x 1.25 inch triangles. Place the end of the wood stick on the sticky side of one of the triangles and press another triangle on the other side to make the tip.

Hot glue 2-3 feathers to the other end of the stick. Cut a piece of suede lace to 7-8 inches. Hot glue one end of the lace to the back of the stick on the feather end.

Wrap the suede lace around the feathers to cover the ends and glue it to secure to the stick on the other side.

Glue the other end of the suede to the back of the tip of the arrow.

Paint Elmers Glue-all to the felt tip. Pour or dip the tip in glitter. Knock off excess glitter and let it dry.

Another way to make these arrow ornaments is by using ribbon for the tail of the arrow.

Trim some ribbon down to look like the end of an arrow. Hot glue the ribbon to the wood stick.

Wrap the suede lace around the stick and glue it down to make a hanger.


Love how these ornaments came out. My colors on my tree are black, white, brown, hot pink, silver, gold, and copper. I think the suede makes the white of my flocked tree pop! Stay tuned for more of my boho ornaments! Next up are some fun bullseye’s to go with these arrows!

boho leather arrow ornaments

Leather Feather ornament


Boho Christmas Tree Reveal Coming soon!


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Leather Feather Arrow #Ornaments, #arrow, feather arrow, glitter arrow, DIY arrow, #Christmas arrow ornament, #Boho holiday tree, boho Christmas tree, boho ornament,

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