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DIY Lemon Wreath from a Garland

Looking for a simple way to make a gorgeous citrus wreath for spring? Try this simple hack of making a DIY Lemon Wreath from a Garland! For more projects like this see my Easter + Spring page.

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Citrus decor is becoming more and more popular in decor trends in the last few years. I have been wanting to add a DIY lemon wreath to my spring decor. Instead of buying a bunch of leaf picks and faux lemons to create a wreath. I decided to take the easy route.

A few years ago I made a simple boxwood wreath from some garlands a wreath form and zip ties. Oriental Trading has gorgeous lemon garlands that you can use for weddings or summer parties. I had a few from my Easter campaign and instead of storing them for future parties I felt they needed to make them part of my spring decor.

A more inexpensive way to make this citrus wreath but still keep it simple is to add a leaf garland to the wreath form via zip tie and then attach faux lemons purchased separately.

DIY Lemon Wreath from a Garland


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Start by adding the end of the first garland to the center bar on the wreath form with a zip tie.

easy wreath using a garland

Add the garland going around the center every 5 inches add a zip tie to secure.

simple garland wreath, lemon tree garland wreath

Note: since the wreath form shown has 4 bars and we are using only 3 garlands you need to space the second and third garland out so they will cover the next three bars.

Fluff the foliage and remove any lemons that are repetitious. Add lemons to sections that need it and display!

Lemon Wreath with Garland & Faux Lemons: Make the wreath with the plain leaf garland and then add the lemons with floral picks, wire or hot glue.

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