DIY Rope Tassel Flip Flops

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Nautical Rope and Tassel Flip Flop Tutorial madeinaday.com

I have a new easy fashion summer craft to share! Embellishing Flip Flops! I know, I know, you’ve seen this before! Well this time, I used craft rope and made some very cute tassels to hang on them! Now you could just leave them as plain nautical knotted rope flips which are super cute on their own. But you know I just had to add my beloved tassels to them! Plus that pop of color makes them even more adorable! Here’s how I made them!

DIY Rope Tassel Flip Flops



  • Plain Flip Flops {the navy ones pictured are from Target}
  • 5 mm Craft rope cord {I used Craft it Rope, Recollections by Micheals}
  • Shoe Goo Adhesive
  • Embroidery floss, bright orange/red
  • Scrap rope or upholstery cording, {for rope tassel}
  • jump rings, 7mm, 9mm
  • Beading/jewelry pliers

Embellish Flip Flops with rope using Shoe Goo madeinaday.com


Ok let’s talk adhesive, you must use the Shoe Goo adhesive if you want embellishments to stick to the rubber of the flip flops. I researched all the different glues out there, some use E6000 and others use the Shoe Goo adhesive. For me Shoe Goo won on staying power, considering I use E6000 all the time and I feel it’s too flexible to stay and may peel off the rubber. Plus all the DIY Flip flop venders use Shoe Goo and that’s good enough for me.

glue rope to flip flop

Cut a 16 inch or so piece of rope and loop it through the toe of the flip.

Tie a nautical knot on flip flop madeinaday.com

Take the two ends of the rope and loop it over the straps and under the loop on the toe.

Glue rope to a flip flop madeinaday.com

Pull tight and get your knot straight on top or the flip.

Best glue for flip flops madeinaday.com

Using a craft stick apply some adhesive on either side of the toe stem under the straps. Apply pressure on the rope, keeping the knot tight for a few minutes until it adheres to the toe of the flip.

Nautical Knot Rope Flip Flops DIY madeinaday.com

Take one of the rope tails and slowly glue 2 inch sections to the straps of the flip. Trim the end at an angle and glue down to end of strap. Apply some adhesive to the end of the rope so it will not unravel with wear. Repeat for other side and other shoe.

add jump ring to rope for tassel flip flop madeinaday.com

Add a large jump ring to the center of the knot on the flip flop.

Embriodery Floss Tassels madeinaday.com

Make a simple tassel by feeding embroidery floss through a small jump ring and tying off the two ends with a piece of floss. Trim the tassel down to an inch.

Upholstrey Cording Tassel madeinaday.com


Do the same with the upholstery cording, unwrap the cording and use the fibers for the tassel, or take apart a strip of the rope and use fibers as a a tassel. Trim tassel down to 1 1/8 inch. See my Tassel Key Chains and Rope Tassels for a more detailed tutorials on how to make the tassels.

Using beading/jewelry pliers add your tassels to the center jump ring on the knot in center of the flip flop! And that’s it! How cute are these?

DIY Rope & Tassel Flip Flops madeinaday.com

Ok I know what you are thinking, do those tassels get caught between your toes? Well I have been wearing them around for a few days and so far so good for me! If you like this post please comment and I’d love you to share it!

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  1. What super fun way to jazz up a pair of plain flip flops. Now I wish I had bought more of these plain ones during the summer clearance.

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