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Easy Jersey Knit T Shirt Tassel Scarf

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Discover the fun of upcycling and make a chic tassel scarf from jersey knit t-shirts with our easy-to-follow DIY tutorial. Make one today with items from your closet! For more fun ideas see my Crafts page.

Easy Jersey Knit T Shirt Tassel Scarf

Don’t throw out those cute patterned knit shirts you may have! Make one-of-a-kind infinity scarves out of them!

My family did a huge closet cleanout and we literally had tons of clothes in garbage bags ready for our next garage sale just lying around.

This got me thinking, why throw out or donate clothing with great colors or patterns on them? Instead, use some of them for my crafty stash fabric. Free fabric!

This project is a perfect way to upcycle your t-shirts or other jersey-knit clothing. Plus they are perfect for spring since they are lightweight! They would also make great handmade gifts!

Of course, there are a million ways to make a t-shirt scarf, but if you are a follower of mine you already know I am a huge fan of tassels and all things bohemian.

Which is why I had to make a t shirt scarf with mini tassels! These two scarves came out so cute and super easy to make. Let me show you how I created fringe for a scarf with fabric scraps.

Jersey Knit Tassel Scarf


  • T-shirts or jersey knit fabric
  • Rotary cutter and mat
  • Sharp scissors


Make the Infinity Scarf:

Choose a cute pattern of jersey knit and an accent color for tassels. Lay your t-shirt out smooth.

With your scissors or rotary cutter, cut straight across below the sleeves. Try to find a long wide shirt so your scarf will hang lower than your chest when finished.

Cut straight across just above the bottom seam of the shirt. This is your new scarf.

Make the Tassels:

Lay the contrasting shirt or jersey knit fabric on your rotary cutter mat. Measure and slice 1/8 wide and 8-9 inch long strips to make the tassels.

Adding the Tassels:

On the edge of your scarf, cut a 1/8 inch slit 1/2 inch from the edge of the scarf. This is where we attach the tassel. 

Gather 4 strips together neatly, fold them in half, and put the loop through the hole in the scarf.

Grab the loose ends and put them inside the loop and then pull tight.

Tie the tassel in a regular knot again against the edge of the scarf and over the other knot. Pull tight so the knot gets tight, small, and snug.

Trim the tassel down to 2 inches and then move over 4 inches and repeat on both sides of the scarf.

This is what the tassels should look like on both of the scarves.

I hope you enjoyed this super easy DIY! Stay Scarfy!

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Easy DIY Jersey Knit T Shirt Tassel Scarf



  1. This is super cute. And what a great way to recycle all those old tee shirts. I’m really going to try this. Thanks for sharing. Visiting from Merry Monday.

  2. Your scarves turned out great! I love those tassels. What a great way to upcycle some t-shirts! Pinned.

  3. I love the tassels on the ends. I would’ve never thought to do that. We just did a closet clean out too, but I donated most of it :-( Wish I saw this sooner.

  4. Super cute idea! I would have never thought of this without Scarf Week! So glad I found your blog… Now to pin for later!

    1. Glad you liked them Mackenzie! They are super easy to make, thanks for pinning.

  5. Wow, this is so cute!! Tassels are huge right now and I know a ton of people that would love one of these beauties!! Thanks for the tutorial…I love that you used an old shirt, too!!

    1. Thanks Brittany! I am a tassel nut right now. Check out all my other tassel tutorials from the past year!

  6. How cool! I was wondering about doing something like this, but for sme reason I didn’t actually know how to make it happen, duh… a hole… I just thought it needed some special cut or seam and you made it so easy!

    1. Too Funny Camila, glad to inspire you! Thanks for pinning!

  7. Oh wow! As if I needed any more reasons to be obsessed with tassels…. This is fin-tastic! And I actually already have a cute collected of patterned knit remnants. Thanks for opening me up to a whole new world of scarf possibilities! And thanks for participating in Scarf Week 2015 and helping to make it such a huge success. Off to pin!

    1. Thanks so much Lauren! Glad you liked my scarves. I am a tassel freak and I love how these came out! I may need to make more for my own extra large scarf collection, lol! So fun being a part of Scarf Week this year and hopefully many to come!

    2. Aw you are too sweet! Scarf week has been great! How fun! Let me know if you have any more challenges coming up to join! Thanks for pinning!

  8. Oh my goodness, I super love your easy take on a tassel scarf! I can’t stop thinking about all the t-shirts I’ve thrown away. Thanks for joining us for Scarf Week!

    1. I know what you mean about the t- shirts I still have bags of them for my garage sale hanging around, lol! Hoepfully I will be able to part some of them. Lol! Glad to be a part of Scarf week, thanks!

    2. Thank you Vanessa! Glad you liked them! I have two tons of clothes that I just can’t get rid of now, lol!
      Glad to join Scarf Week it’s been fun!

  9. Oh, these look cute! I especially love the contrast of thw white one with the bright colored tassels. It’s definitely on my to-make list now :)

    Love, Elena

    1. Thanks Elena! I love that one them most too! It was a really wide shirt so it came out nice and long. Thanks for stopping by!

    2. Hi Elana, I love the white one too! Glad to inspire you!

  10. Love it! My girls and I are definitely going to be adding a few tasseled scarves to our fall wardrobe. thanks so much for this great tutorial Kim. I’m just ‘scarf-ing’ up all the amazing ideas everyone is sharing this week!

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