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Dark Hues Fall Eucalyptus Pumpkin Wreath

Looking for an elegant wreath for your decor this fall? Go for the dark hues with my Fall Eucalyptus Pumpkin Wreath tutorial. Perfect for dark fireplaces and walls! Want more wreaths like this one? See my Fall + Thanksgiving page.

Dark Hues Fall Eucalyptus Pumpkin Wreath

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Someone asked me how do you come up with the ideas to make your wreaths? One of the first things I do is make a trip to the craft store to see what is new! I love finding new trending colors, patterns, or styles and creating something amazing with them.

This year I was drawn to the wispy-ish wreath I used in this wreath. When I first started blogging the first wreaths I made were from two willow wreaths. I had double front doors at the time which meant I had to make double wreaths each season. It was tough and expensive!

I don’t know what it is about wispy wreaths that I am drawn to. The loose flow of the sides I guess. This one reminded me of the metal hoop wreaths from the last few years since it only has stems on the sides. The next couple of fall items I was drawn to were the velvet magnolia leaves and that deep purple pumpkin!

After seeing the purple pumpkin, I knew I wanted deep fall colors and hues. I think they match perfectly with my grey fireplace and the leaf garland I chose this year. Here is how I put it all together.

Fall Eucalyptus Pumpkin Wreath


  • 1-Wispy Wreath, (It’s plastic!) (Hobby Lobby)
  • 1-Velvet Magnolia Stems with Pine Cones (Hobby Lobby)
  • 1-Dark Purple Pumpkin (Hobby Lobby)
  • 1-Mixed Dried Eucalyptus Stems (Hobby Lobby)
  • 1-Paper Hydragaena Stem
  • Rust Paper Flowers ( DO NOT BUY, I did not end up using them)
  • Floral Wire
  • Wire Cutters/Pliers
  • Small Piece of Suede Cording or other Cording (for the Hanger)


Separate picks for floral design

Cut the stems apart on the velvet magnolia stems. Separate the pine cones from the leaves by pulling them apart.

plan a wreath

PRO TIP: I always place the stems or leaves around the wreath before attaching them together. That way you can see where you want things without redoing them after they are wired onto the wreath.

magnolia leaf wreath

Place the leaves around the left side of the wreath.

wire a wreath together

Wire one of the bunches of leaves onto the side of the wreath. Wrap the wire around and twist it several times. Then cross them and wrap again until you reach the ends of the wire. Wrap the ends tightly together.

Add the pine cone to the bottom leaf bunch by wrapping it with wire like the leaves.

make a pumpkin pick

Use a leftover stem from the leaves bunch and poke it through the bottom of the pumpkin. Push it almost all of the way through. Do not pierce the top side. Make a bend in the wire stem and then wire it to the bottom of the wreath next to the pinecone.

paper hydrangea

Remove the top of the paper hydrangea from its stem. Place an extra piece of the stem (cut from the velvet leaves bunch or other floral stems) into the original hole on the hydrangea. Bend it sideways and wire it onto the wreath above the pumpkin.

Place stems of yellow and burgundy red eucalyptus stem randomly around the arrangement. In the back of the leaves, over the hydrangea, and under the pumpkin.

PRO TIP: Hang your wreath up after you get a few pieces placed on it. This will give you a better perspective of where things should go and what you need to adjust.

Wire some of the wreath vines together if they are unruly. I used a 7-inch piece of leather tied and looped over the top vines as a hanger. This will keep the eucalyptus pumpkin wreath from hanging lopsided on a metal door hanger.

Rich colors fall wreath

red orange fall wreath

Fall Purple pumpkin wreath
fall wispy purple pumpkin wreath

magnolia pumpkin wreath

I hoped you have been inspired by my rich fall-colored eucalyptus pumpkin wreath! I think it looks amazing against my dark fireplace and with that gorgeous leaf garland, I found online.

Love the look but have no time to make this? Here are some other fall wreath options…

Happy Fall!

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Make a fall eucalyptus pumpkin wreath

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