Fall Plaid Scarf Wreath

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Use up those old scarfs make this cozy Fall Plaid Scarf Wreath! Bring some warmth to your front door!

Fall is on its way! Time for cooler weather, perfect for roasting marshmallows! Looking for an easy way to put together a fall wreath?  Use one of your old large blanket scarfs to add color to your front door!

Sometimes using something you already own like a scarf as the fabric can make a great statement piece for your home! Plus no need to rack your brain in the cloth store for just the right pattern! Let me show you how to make this warm and fuzzy wreath for your home this fall!

Fall Plaid Scarf Wreath



Follow the Scarf Cut Pattern in the diagram below. Use one ends of the scarf to cover the wreath and the other end to make the scarf tie.


Lay the foam wreath in the center of the foam.

Cut a circle using a round object out of the center of the fabric.

Trim the corners and fringe off of the fabric on the outside of the foam wreath.

Cut a 2-inch strip of fabric to cover the inner edge of the wreath.


Glue the fabric inside the edge of the wreath.


Fold the fabric over the back side of the wreath and glue to the back top edge of the wreath. Move around the wreath, pull the fabric snug, fold, gather and glue fabric to the edge of the wreath all the way around.

Trim the excess fabric off of wreath. Cut slits in the fabric on the inner side of the wreath. Pull the fabric tight and glue to the back of the wreath. Tuck in and hide any foam or excess fabric.

Cut the second leftover piece of fabric in half long ways (see chart above). Glue the two raw ends together in the center, leaving fringe on both outer ends. This will give you a smaller 4-foot scarf to tie around the wreath.

Bundle up some of the fall foliage and stems with a rubber band. Tie the scarf with a double knot around the wreath and insert the foliage bundle through it.

Secure foliage with floral pins pushed through the foam. Arrange scarf and glue down if needed. Glue a small strip of fabric to the top back of the wreath and hang!

I just love how the fun felt circles make the fabric pop! This wreath is sure to be a cool conversation piece this fall.


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Fall Plaid Scarf Wreath, Make a fun wreath for fall using a blanket #scarf & fun felt pom stems! blanket scarf, #plaid scarf, felt pom stems, ball stems, plaid #wreath, scarf fringe wreath,

3 thoughts on “Fall Plaid Scarf Wreath

  1. Great tutorial on how to make a wreath. I love the idea of using things you no longer use or need. The wreath is so pretty.

  2. This is SO pretty! I have always loved scarf wreaths, but the colors of this scarf are perfect for fall and what a beautiful bunch of flowers! Love how you explain how to insert the flowers into the wreath, too!


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