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Fall Boho Raffia Wreath DIY

Make this fall wreath with big boho chic vibes? This simple Boho Raffia Wreath DIY tutorial is perfect for warm SoCal fall weather! Easy straw wreath with hoops. For more fall projects see my Fall+Thanksgiving page

Fall Boho Raffia Wreath DIY, modern boho raffia wreath, pink tassel raffia wreath

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This is the second fall season in our new home and I thought it was time to put up a fall wreath. I am going for a simple fall wreath but with a laid back beachy vibe for my coastal home.

Here in southern California, we don’t have the normal signs of fall like falling leaves in the south where I am from. We are pretty much surrounded by succulents here and it just seems odd to me to put a traditional fall wreath on my door.

So I decided to come up with a boho style fall wreath that is great for every season but still says fall. I found natural raffia grass to be the perfect choice to blend this combination.

It has a fall straw feel that reminds me of a fall pumpkin patch but also a natural texture that looks beachy.

bohemian raffia wreath, scarf wreath, surf shack fall decor

I made this raffia wreath fall using mini gold macrame hoops and a large stash of raffia straw. I added a couple of funky scarves to bring in the boho vibe.

The pink tassel wreath would be fantastic for spring or you can tone it down to a farmhouse raffia wreath style by adding some classic brown velvet ribbon.

Whichever way you choose your wreath to look is sure to look great. Let me show you how I made this straw wreath three ways.

What is Raffia?

If you are not familiar with raffia, it is actually fiber from the leaves of the Raffia Palm. These palm trees grow in Madagascar, Africa, Central, and South America. The raffia fiber is soft, durable, and easily dyeable which makes it a craft favorite. It is mostly used to make hats and baskets but is also a popular choice in making floral design and crafts.

How to make a Raffia Wreath DIY



raffia straw

Start by unwinding a raffia bundle. The raffia strands will be around 4 feet long. Take 2 even-sized strands of straw, place them together and fold the long strands in half. Now they will be about 2 feet long and 4 strands wide. Fold them in half again.

tie raffia around an embroidery hoop

Put the middle of the 4 strands of raffia under the hoop and pull the ends of the straw through the loop around the hoop. Pull tight to make the knot small. Repeat the knots going all the way around the ring.

raffia knots on macrame hoop

I used 3.75 bundles for the first hoop and 2.25 bundles for the second

natural raffia wreath, natural grass wreath

TIP: You want a lot of knots on the first ring. Pull the existing knots apart and shove a new knot in the hole until you can not add any more without the knots overlapping. As you go make sure the knots lay the same way and evenly going around the hoop. If not remove them and add them back.

Add the raffia to the second hoop but not as thick. The second wreath for the backside of the wreath. It is just for fullness and helps the raffia stand up and out and not fall over.

raffia straw

To finish the wreath, lay the top ring on top of the back ring. Use a piece of raffia and tie the two rings together evenly in 4 places around the ring. Make a knot in the raffia and blend it in with the other raffia.

fall straw wreath

Shake the wreath out and hold the wreath facing down and start trimming the wreath with scissors. I cut some shorter pieces near the ring on the front and the back of the wreath, to about 6 inches, and left the center or outer sections at around 10 inches.

natural grass wreath, how to make a raffia wreath,

The shorter pieces help the longer sections to stand up. Tie a fun scarf around the wreath. Use floral wire pulled through the top bow’s knot and wrap it around the wreath hanger to secure it. Fluff and enjoy!

red raffia wreath, bohemian fall wreath,
fall scarf raffia wreath, boho style fall wreath
pink tassel boho fall wreath, boho chic wreath

Such a fun tassel wreath! This one is my favorite raffia wreath DIY.

modern raffia wreath, farmhouse raffia  wreath

Use 2 inch velvet ribbon and make a bow for a more classic modern look.

raffia hoop wreath, scarf hoop wreath

I hope I have inspired you with my raffia wreath DIY to get your fall home decor ready to start the holidays. No matter where you live you can still decorate in a nonconventional way for the autumn season.


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boho tassel raffia wreath
red raffia wreath,
modern raffia hoop wreath

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  1. You have an amazing eye for detail, Kim. I love browsing through your blog and all of your projects. This wreath is AMAZING!

  2. I always enjoy your projects so much. We live on the highveld in South Africa and the whole falling leaves thing doesn’t really happen here. Well it does, but they’re always bleh with no autumn colors to speak of :D So trying to “fall colored” wreath doesn’t really work for us either. Love this beauty that you made Kim and I just happen to have lots and lots of raffia to play around with

    1. Thanks so much. I think if you had colored raffia it would be great too for a wreath too.

  3. That’s beautiful; I was just looking at some raffia today and now I wish I bought some!

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