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White Pumpkin Wreath for Fall to Halloween

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Striking black and white pumpkin wreath that can easily change to Halloween! Then add a Halloween crow + black glitter foliage to this white pumpkin fall wreath. For more spooky Halloween creations see my Halloween page.

White Pumpkin Wreath for Fall to Halloween,

Hello readers, it’s almost that time again! My favorite holiday, Halloween is almost here. I wanted to make something this year that would be modern yet striking for my front door.

I found a pic of a similar white pumpkin wreath that debuted at Homegoods a few years ago and I fell in love. The stark white look of the pumpkins just pops in all the right places. I set out to recreate my own version of this eerie beauty.

The first thing you will need is small fall white pumpkins! Well, unfortunately right now, they do not exist in any of the stores near me or online.

But I did not let that stop me, I had to buy a bunch of small beige pumpkins and spray paint them all flat white to get the look I was going for.

This wreath starts out simple enough, but to snaz it up for October I added some fun signs I found online. Here’s how to make one for your home this season.

How to Make a White Pumpkin Wreath


how to make a white pumpkin wreath


paint pumpkins white

Remove pumpkin stems and spray paint the foam pumpkins white if needed.

pumpkin floral pick

Remove the wire from wood floral picks. Insert the sharp tip of the wood floral pick into the bottom center of a pumpkin. Pull the pick out and add a dot of hot glue to the flat end of the pick. Quickly insert it into the hole you made in the bottom of the pumpkin.

white pumpkin door wreath

Add pumpkins around inside edge of the wreath. Add pumpkins to outside edge of the wreath. Move the pumpkins around until then fit evenly around the wreath.

Hot glue all the pumpkins to the wreath after you get a good placement. That’s it for the first look, now onto the next!

black and white pumpkin wreath

To change this wreath over to Halloween I just added some sparkling black floral type greenery in between the pumpkins.

white pumpkin farmhouse wreath

With pliers cut individual sections of the greenery and place them randomly between the pumpkins.

Hot glue them into place. Add a couple of spooky crows to the top and side of the wreath.

Halloween Sorry Out of Candy White Pumpkin Wreath
Halloween Sorry Out of Candy White Pumpkin Wreath

I found this super cute “Trick or Treat” sign that really pops with the shades of oranges and yellows. It looks great right smack in the middle of the wreath. 

Sorry out of candy white pumpkin wreath
Sorry out of Candy White Pumpkin Wreath

Then later when all the candy is gone form the trick or treaters I can add this super cute “Sorry Out of Candy” sign to the wreath.

diy sorry out of candy sign

Isn’t his sign adorable? I gave it a mini facelift with some tulle and fabric trim.

Sorry out of candy Halloween sign

Just fold and hot glue some black tulle to the edges of the sign.

Black tulle on sign

Make two rows of tulle ruffles. Add fabric trim with hot glue and some fun rick-rack trim for a hanger. I can’t decide which way I want to display my wreath! Which one do you like the best?

White Pumpkin Crow Wreath
Halloween Crow Pumpkin Wreath


white pumpkin fall wreath
white pumpkin halloween wreath, sorry out of candy sign,

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  1. Sarah Starr says:

    This looks so good and relatively easy – exactly the kind of simple white pumpkin wreath I’ve been browsing the web for, and can’t seem to find anywhere. How many mini pumpkins did you need to fill the 18” wreath?

    1. Hi Sarah, I used 31 pumpkins. I bought them as a vase filler set from Hobby Lobby. I would make sure you have a few extra pumpkins to make sure you have enough.

  2. I always struggle with storing wreaths, so I like that this can be used for the entire fall season and for Halloween. Will be including this in tonight’s MM roundup.

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