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Stunning Fall Pumpkin Topiary Centerpiece

Remember those vintage ceramic fruit topiaries everyone had in their homes? I thought it would be fun to make one with vase filler pumpkins! Try my Stunning Fall Pumpkin Topiary Centerpiece project for your decor this year. For more fall decor see my Fall + Thanksgiving page.

Fall Pumpkin Topiary, Green Pumpkin Succulent Topiary, Fall Farmhouse Centerpiece, stacked pumpkin topiary

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I have seen these types of topiaries made of sugar covered fruit, pine cones, nuts, you name it. Back in the day they were made of ceramic and painted a bronze color. I used my leftover pumpkin vase fillers from my white pumpkin wreath I made a few weeks back.

They had been sitting on my craft table and I just did not want these beauties to go to waste. The subtle green gives them a sweet farmhouse look and goes perfectly with the bright green succulents.

This fun stacked pumpkin topiary arrangement would look fabulous as a table centerpiece this Thanksgiving, a fun addition to your fall decor or maybe a mantle focal piece. I put mine on a candle stand to make it taller and appear more elegant. Let me show you how to make your own!

Stunning Fall Pumpkin Topiary Centerpiece


NOTE: I used green pumpkin vase filler sets from Hobby Lobby to make this post. Below are links to similar items on Amazon or search your local craft store for them. 

  • Small 3-inch Pumpkins: 8 Dark Green Pumpkins
  • 12 Light Green Pumpkins
  • 11 Faux 2-inch Succulent Picks
  • 2 Faux Berry Picks
  • Green Moss
  • 1 Sheet of Light Grey Felt
  • Rotary Cutter & Mat
  • 12×4-inch Foam Cone
  • Toothpicks
  • Hot Glue & Gun


Trim one inch off the top of the cone with a sharp knife.

how to make a pumpkin cone topiary

Lay the foam cone on the felt with the bottom of the cone even with the bottom edge of the felt. Wrap the felt around the cone.

Trim pieces of felt that overlap on the cone off using a rotary cutter.

Make a pumpkin tree with foam cone, green pumpkin tree

Add trimmed felt to the exposed foam areas. This part does not need to be perfect. You are just adding felt to have a darker base behind the pumpkins. This way the foam will not shine through the finished topiary. Hot glue the felt to the foam cone.

light green pumpkin tree, how to add pumpkins to a topiary

Add a toothpick to the bottom of the pumpkins as you go. Add 5 pumpkins going around the bottom of the cone. There will be 3 dark green and 2 light green pumpkins. You may need to poke through the felt with a toothpick. Then add the toothpick to the pumpkin and put it into the cone.

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Topiary Centerpiece, Small stacked pumpkin centerpiece, how to make a topiary

NOTE: Since there are large dark green pumpkins and smaller light pumpkins. I knew the smaller ones were going to need to be near the top of the cone. I added a row of the larger pumpkins going diagonally up and around the cone. I did the same with the smaller pumpkins on the other side of the cone. Then I randomly filled in the rest of the areas with both size pumpkins. Making these even is like a puzzle. You may need to move the pumpkins around after placing them to get the best fit.

Once you get everything set. Go back and remove a pumpkin, add hot glue to the toothpick and the pumpkin base and place back in the arrangement. Remove pumpkin by pumpkin, do not remove them all at once or you will lose the arrangement placement.

DIY Fruit topiary with Pumpkins, Green Pumpkin Topiary, white pumpkin topiary, farmhouse topiary

Grab wads of moss and stuff it around each pumpkin on all sides. Hot Glue the succulents in even random holes between pumpkins. If the succulents are too large take them apart. Use only the top sections or trim the petals off with scissors.

Fall Succulent Topiary, topiary centerpiece for dining room table, topiary tabelscape, Farmhouse pumpkin topiary

Trim the berries into small sections. Place them in random leftover holes between pumpkins. Use scissors to trim any moss that is sticking 0ut, display and enjoy!

Green pumpkin succulent centerpiece, Fall Topiary Green Pumpkin Cone Tree

I am so thrilled with how this green pumpkin centerpiece turned out and it looks so gorgeous with my fall decor! I love it.


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  1. Conni Cox says:

    Love this project! Just wondering where you found the base?

    1. Hi Conni, The base is a candle holder. It’s a big one for large candles. I am pretty sure I found it at thrift shop. Try Home Goods, Wayfair or Hobby Lobby.

  2. Rebecca Payne says:

    I love your Topiary. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I don’t have mini pumpkins, but I do have mini fall gourds. This would be a a good project to reuse some of my old fall decorations. Pinned and will be including this in this week’s roundup.

  4. This is so pretty! I love the neutral colors. I like the bright colors of fall, but sometimes the decor gets to be overwhelming in a small space (like we have). The neutrals work so much better! Have a great one!

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