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Modern Surf Shack Chic Living Room

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Looking for some beachside living inspiration? My Modern Surf Shack Chic Living Room is full of good vibes with an island-style feel. Check out my fav decor pieces. For more posts featuring my small home living see my Bungalow page.

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Hi everyone! I’m posting a mini home tour of my front living room. In the previous posts of my bungalow home, I posted my back living room. You know the one with the tan leather couch and fireplace on my home page? Well, I finally finished the most used room in our small home, the front living room!

I call it the front living room because that is what the many previous owners used it for. What it originally was used for was a dining room (we think). This home was remodeled a few times since the1950’s so it really is hard to tell. In the current layout, we have two medium-sized living spaces divided by a wide long kitchen.

We decided to make both of our medium rooms into living rooms and since our kitchen has a long island with bar stools for seating and entertaining we did not need to use up that space for a table. So far it has worked out great!

Our front living room has spent the last year half-finished and bare. A couple of weeks ago I finally got around to repairing years of holes and painting it. Now it is bright and fresh and ready to be seen! I went with a modern surf shack chic vibe decor.

Let me show some of the fun elements of decor I found for this room! Let’s start with the entryway!

Modern Surf Shack Chic Living Room

I wrote a post, Modern Surf Shack Entryway with Plants a couple of weeks ago. In these pics, you will see that entryway and a minimal version entryway. The plants were not getting much sun there so I changed my entry up a bit and moved some pieces around, make sure to check that post too for more inspiration.

California Bungalow Beach House Entryway, mahalo entryway, easter island statue entryway

First up is the entrance of the house from a front patio. I will be making that space over next). When I found this funky Easter Island-inspired garden statue I knew I had to have him! Isn’t he the coolest?

modern surf shack chic entryway, mid century modern beach house
round mirror, beach house entry, surf shack chic entryway, boho surf shack, round mirror entryway, fiddle leaf fig entryway

This is our entryway now. The large round mirror with a shelf is still one of my fav pieces. You have seen it around the blog I am sure. The long wood bench works perfectly in this space for storage.

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Here is the front entry for my Modern Surf Shack Entryway with Plants post. As you can see both minimal and with plants entryways work well in this space. Notice the entryway is different? I do love it both ways. The previous owners of this home had the tv outlets on that small entry wall. That meant the sofa had to be on the opposite wall. This made the furniture placement a challenge for the room. We decided to change things and up and make better use of the space.

modern surf shack beach house

We had this wall rewired to house our big screen tv and create a walkway to the garage. By doing this simple thing it gave more space for a sectional sofa and a better flow of the furniture placement.

real carved and painted surfboard wall art

My husband’s fav find is this funky surfboard wall art is made using a real surfboard, then carved out and painted. The artist who made it is Jimmy Romo. You can find his surfboards with many different designs to choose from on his Etsy Shop Coastal Creations.

best bamboo blinds, cordless bamboo blinds, cordless woven roman shade bamboo blinds, Hatteras camel bamboo blinds,

One of my favorite details of this room is the bamboo cordless shades. When I was growing up at the beach our house and everyone I knew had bamboo shades. They scream beachy island style to me. I had to have them to add a pop of color to this space.

Hatteras Bamboo Blinds, Cordless bamboo blinds,

I found the best company and to buy them from. They have lots of colors to choose from and will custom cut them to fit your windows for free! That was a win for me for sure since one of my windows was slightly bigger than the other.

Brown Mecca Cotton Drapes, The best chic drapes

Let’s talk about the one thing that ties everything in this room together, the gorgeous curtains! They are Mecca Printed Cotton Curtains in the color brown. They have a tie-dye watercolor look to them which is perfect for beachy decor. They add an eye-catching pattern pop that pulls the room together perfectly.

lined brown mecca curtain panel

They are extremely well made with a heavyweight fabric that is lined. They have tabs and strips for hooks and rings. I hung mine on hooks and rings for a polished pleated look.

modern black tripod planter, best faux fiddle leaf fig tree plant, chevron wood cabinet, California drift wood, gold round shelf, mecca curtain

To add pops of color to the room. I went with this fun faux Fiddle Leaf fig plant. I was shopping around for real small fig trees and could not find one that would fit this planter. That’s when I stumbled on this super-realistic faux fig tree.

faux fiddle leaf tree, best fake fig tree

Here is an up-close look of the leaves. The reviews on this one were split. I think it is a pretty flawless faux. It’s a keeper for me! Plus I won’t have one more plant to kill.

round basket wall art, round basket mirror wall art, wood chevron cabinet, large gold metal bells, punjab temple bells, Amerita Rug Anthropologie, large harmony bells

Last but not least is this fun nook wall that I constantly change on a whim. I found this great chevron cabinet for under $200. The rattan mirror and round basket add a natural beachy vibe. They were both lucky HomeGoods finds.

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I hope you have enjoyed my mini-tour of the front room of my small surf shack chic bungalow! I am so happy my house is finally starting to feel put together. here’s how to get your hand on some of the items I talked about above.

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  1. That surfboard is stunning. What a find. Love your style Kim. It’s so different. Totally my style

    1. Thanks Michelle! The guy who makes the surfboards makes other styles too. I am on the hunt for a longboard next!

  2. You are speaking my love language! I am gradually changing my aesthetic in my apartment. These are just the ideas I have been looking for. Thanks Kim!

  3. Kim,
    I had so much fun browsing through your Modern Surf Shack Chic decor! Such fantastic selections and the inspiration is positively amazing!

    1. Thanks so much, Jenna! So glad you liked all my fun finds.

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